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10 Things that are Better Bought Used

10 Things that are Better Bought Used

Nowadays purchasing goods can refer to a whole lot more than just buying brand new. Consumers have the option to buy used from a slew of different sources, from online stores to neighbourhood yard sales.

But what should you buy used? You most certainly shouldn’t buy used toothbrushes and underwear, but there are a few things that are definitely worth buying used:

10 Things that are Better Bought Used

  1. Transport and ‘toys’

Cars, bicycles, motorbikes and even luxury yachts are all better when bought used. Buying these vehicles second-hand can save you from $10,000 to $30,000. Newer models almost always keep popping up, rapidly diminishing the value of previous models. If you can snag even a year-old model, you can save big bucks.

  1. Children’s clothes and toys

Kids grow incredibly fast and outgrow their clothes even faster so chances are, you won’t get your money’s worth by buying your baby designer duds. Resist the urge to buy the latest line of children’s wear and opt for used clothes instead. The same goes for children’s toys. Just make sure that you’re getting these from reputable sources.

  1. Books

If you love the smell of books and can’t quite get the hang of e-books, opt for used books. Books are one of those things that you enjoy once, maybe twice, and then the rest of the time they just sit on the shelf. They can also be incredibly expensive when bought new.

  1. Video games and DVDs

Get the same enjoyment for a fraction of the cost by buying old video games and DVDs instead. There are plenty of shops and online stores that sell and swap these.

  1. Furniture

Brand new furniture can be pretty painful on your pocket, and to see them get stained, scratched or ripped after only a few months can cause you even more pain. Avoid the hurt and add a vintage vibe to your home by opting for used furniture.

  1. Formal attire

There’s no sense in spending a lot for something you’ll only wear once, or once in a blue moon. When it comes to picking formal attire for the school formal or your friend’s wedding, better buy or rent used ones instead.

  1. Jewellery

Get the same sparkle without spending too much by buying your jewellery used from reputable sources, like pawnshops and auctions.

  1. Sports and fitness gear

If you like trying a new sport every other week or your kid is outgrowing his bike way too fast, buying second hand sports and fitness equipment will be a blessing. It will give you all the equipment you need without the hefty price. Oftentimes you’ll find barely used sports and fitness equipment at garage sales, but you can also find plenty of these online.

  1. Tools

Every man needs tools, but not every man needs to spend big bucks on them. Tools are extremely useful around the house and are very wise buys when bought used. If you’re planning to buy power tools though, make sure you test them out first.

Musical instruments

Some musical instruments actually sound better after they’ve been played and used for a while. Those that have a backstory, developed character and a distinct sound are even viewed as more valuable than their brand new counterparts.

The next time you think of shopping, don’t immediately think of shopping brand new. Shop smart by buying second-hand.

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