Top 10 Milestones That Must Be Included in Your Baby Scrapbook

Top 10 Milestones That Must Be Included in Your Baby Scrapbook

One of the most exciting things that new parents do is to create a baby scrapbook. The baby’s first year is filled with many memorable events and must definitely be documented. If you are making one, here are the top 10 developmental milestones you must include in your scrapbook.

10. Photos of Visitors in the Hospital

This is important because your baby will want to know who took their time to celebrate his life by visiting the hospital. Include descriptions of the gifts they brought and some funny stories as well. Don’t forget to take a picture of doctors and nurses who helped and even the hospital suite.

9. First Day at Home

Baby’s homecoming is also very important. Take a photo of his nursery and how he looks like now that he is finally in his crib. Take a picture of him with everyone as well. This will be considered your first family picture at home.

8. First Smile

You may or you may not be able to capture the first smile but if you do see them smiling for the first time, then go ahead and take a snap shot. Everyone loves a smiling baby you will love your baby’s smile as well!

7. First Roll Over

For the first months, your child will just be lying down helplessly. But in the months after, he will learn how to roll over by himself. It is going to be real funny and cute so make sure to document it. You can even take a video if you want.

6. First Solid Food

Once your baby learns to sit up by himself and hold his bottle he will also learn to eat solid food as well such as cookies or fruits. Take a picture of his first solid food and show him in the future how much he enjoyed smudging fruits all over himself.

5. Crawling Times

This is one of the huge milestones of a baby. To make this really funny, capture the times he crawls in weird places such as under the dining table or under the bed.

4. First Hair and Nail Clip

The first time you cut your baby’s hair and his nails, make sure you keep some of it and tape it on one of the pages of the scrapbook. This is very nice to look back on when they grow up.

3. First Tooth

The first tooth coming out can be a pain but it also gives the baby a new and better smile. Teething memories are cherished as well!

2. First Steps

Your baby may or may not walk within his first year but make sure you document it to be sure. This is definitely one of the times you will not want to forget.

1. A Photo of Baby Sleeping

Admit it, you love to stare at your baby while he sleeps despite the fact that he keeps you up all night. So go ahead and take a picture of your little angel while sleeping and place it in their scrapbook.



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