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Download iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple Inc have recently rolled out yet another exciting model out of their flagship iPhone series. The latest released version termed as “iPhone 5” will be running on the latest iOS 6 ,the sixth OS for Apple’s Mobile Devices.

iOS 6 is compatible to work on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPod Touch.

The iOS 6 is all set to hit the markets on September 19th 2012. You can download iOS 6 from iTunes once it is officially available from Apple Official Sources. Hit the link below to download and learn more about the improved features in iOS 6.

Download iOS 6 for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad

New Additions in iOS 6

Although iOS 6 has no major addition but still it follows certain improvements on already existent features of the preceding iOS 5 version. Just a few of them are briefly discussed below


For all Android users who are in love with Google Wallet and Pay with Square here we present to you Apple’s iOS alternative App. Passbook lets you store credit card data, redeemable coupons, vouchers, tickets and lets the sellers/hosts trace your data into their own system either through a QR code or through Bluetooth Integration.


iOS 6 allows seamless syncing of iOS Devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc. The users can send and receive messages on iOS devices easily even if they are sent towards the user’s cell phone number.

Apple Maps

Its the time to say Goodbye to the adorable Google Maps. Apple now has its own maps letting you search for places on the go and track your location through the GPS.


Who could forget the release of iOS 5 courtesy Siri. This version bags some improvements in search to fetch sports score, movies timing and reserve restaurant seats.

There are also some minor changes such as Facebook integration where you could update your Facebook Status or Tweet via Notification Center. For all those You Tube fans Apple native app no longer supports this website so be sure to download You Tube App for enjoying videos.

ios 6

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 both have high expectation to click the market. Anyways for more exciting updates stay tuned.

Mobile Phones

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