Top 10 Alternatives to Apple iOS 6 Maps

Top 10 Alternatives to Apple iOS 6 Maps

As you probably know even if you don’t own the new iPhone, Apple got their latest version of maps all wrong and people have started to look for alternatives. Fortunately for iPhone users, there are more than enough accurate alternatives and we have got the list right here. Read on to find out more about other applications that can be used in place of Apple iOS 6 Maps.

Top 10 Alternatives to Apple iOS 6 Maps

10. TeleNav Scout 1.2.1

This is a free application and the user interface is nicely laid out, with all options and features of the applications displayed right there on the start screen. No need to find hidden features deep inside menus and sub-menus.

9. Hopstop for iPhone 2.0

In this application, you can get GPS-style directions and even schedules of the local bus and train lines for more than 60 cities in the United States. You can also estimate the time it would take to travel from point A to point B, which could prove to be quite helpful in time-sensitive situations.

8. Waze 3.2.2

This application is a little bit unique because it alerts you to upcoming police stops and checkpoints. The rest of the features are pretty mainstream. The selection of route that it makes may not be the most sensible, though.

7. TomTom U.S.A. 1.11

TomTom is actually a standalone portable navigation device with an application for the iPhone available for several years now. Accurate routes and crystal-clear voice prompts are among its features.

6. Navigon North America 2.2

This has been a long-time favorite app for people who have not been satisfied with the native Apple Maps on their iPhones. The developers of this app just recently added support of iOS 6 and iPhone 5, so there is really not too much to hate about it.

5. MapQuest 3.0.3

The directions given out by this application are not that good, sometimes even dangerous, but it is an excellent app if you are travelling on foot. The overhead 2D view is the most preferred one in MapQuest, because of the addition of live traffic cameras and prices of gas in the latest version.

4. Magellan RoadMate U.S.A. 2.2.1

This application has been solid throughout all of its released versions and people prefer it over others usually for its reliability. The directions are accurate and the pedestrian mode will want to make short journeys without hopping into your car.

3. Garmin U.S.A. 2.1

The previous versions of Garmin have not been up to the mark and sometimes even confusing. The latest version, however, is a different story and is a lot more reliable and accurate.

2. Bing 3.03

Bing, by Microsoft, is more of a search app than a dedicated maps application. Its features include easy integration with Facebook, display of movie show times and updated traffic conditions.

1. Google Maps

If Google owns a product, you can trust it to be nothing less than perfect with the employment of latest technology. Google Maps is no different with its latest version being even faster and smoother than previous ones.


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