Top 10 Amazing Vector Tutorials You Will Die For

Top 10 Amazing Vector Tutorials You Will Die For

For a web designer, Vector art is like the magic wand. One little wave and it can change the history and geography of a picture in the most amazing way. Vector graphics is the tool to create fascinating computer graphics out of mere geometrical designs and shapes. Right now, vector art is high in demand to create absolutely charming graphic designs, logos, banner advertisements etc. Vector is the ultimate door to enter the world of out of the world creativity of web graphics. So if you are interested in trying your hands at this magic wand then all you need is the best tutorials to master the art. Here are the top 10 amazing vector tutorials you will die for.

These tutorials are also great for the beginners who are yet to get a good grip of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

10. Create vivacious portrait: This vector tutorial will teach you how to create exciting, attractive portraits with Adobe Illustrator. It’s all about the thoughtful use of loud colors, broad physical attributes and transparent gradients that render ultra-peppiness to your graphic characters.

9. Create strange landscape: Go to your Adobe Illustrator CS5 and do what is written in this 23-steps tutorial. You will be amazed to find out it’s so easy to draw those weird looking landscape with a haunted house in front and the dreadful creatures around.

8. Create unique circles: Creating isometric circles has never been a kid’s play. It’s hard for the professional illustrators too. But with this vector tutorial, you will eventually find out the methods of creating numerous isometric circles, shapes etc.

7. Single image split into multiple frames: This is an amazing video vector tutorial briefing you the steps to split a particular image into different frames using tools like Adobe In Design. It can be a brilliant way of making amazing Facebook cover pictures.

6. Retro ad poster: For all those Photoshop addicts who are hopelessly in love with retro looks, here is your perfect dose of addiction. Get the perfect vintage look for your brand advertisement with Illustrator and Photoshop; just keep an eye on the specific use of some particular brushes and textures.

5. Breathtaking vector diamond: 3D lovers out there, here is the way of create a mesmerizing 3 dimensional diamond with the help of Illustrator and any pro level 3D software.

Top 10 Amazing Vector Tutorials

4. Amazing mosaic made of polygons: Go through this vector tutorial and learn how to create mosaics structured by polygons. Open your Adobe Illustrator to paint amazing polygon-made mosaics. Some free plugins may be required.

3. Colorful city landscape: Create another CityVille with this vector graphics tutorial and Adobe Illustrator. Build the urban landscape; create buildings, blocks, sidewalks, citizens etc.

2. Magical search engines: Create your own search engine homepage when you have this helpful vector tutorial in your hand. Use tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. You will also learn to create your own Facebook or Twitter icons with this tutorial.

1. Create incredible infographics: Now, that’s something you all need sometimes, somewhere. Also learn the tricks of creating infographics with the provision to change the data from this vector graphics tutorial.


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