Top 10 Attributes of a Great Teacher

Top 10 Attributes of a Great Teacher

There are great and terrible teachers in this world. Here is a look at the top ten attributes that you should posses as a good teacher.

10. Have an insistent attitude:

Great teachers are rare people who have unrelenting attitudes towards their students including those who can’t perform exemplarily. Remember as a teacher you are supposed to add value to a kid’s day and not be a liability.

9. Able to build relationships:

As a great teacher he/she ought to be in a position to create or build good rapport with the students. Qualities like empathy and caring ought to come in handy here.

Great Teacher

8. Well organized:

As a teacher you should teach your students how to be organized in life by being organized yourself. As a great teacher you should show your students your teaching programs so as to ensure that you’re reading from the same page.

7. A great teacher should be a sharing heart:

Sharing and receiving are characteristics of learning institutions that offer versatile dynamism in education. Be a giver and recognize what other people offer you. An idealistic network produces professionals.

6. Unyielding but flexible:

If you are firm but flexible at all times, you don’t have to always raise your voice to drive a message home because the students already know that your purpose is to add value to them. Although a typical school day will have its own drama, you can authoritatively bring order without using aggression.

5. Offers unambiguous directions and solution:

The idea is keeping it simple as you go about imparting knowledge and wisdom into the young brains. The work of the teacher is basically based on helping the students understand the concepts behind certain complex terminologies and algorithms, but not make them look more ambiguous.

4. Ought to have high prospects:

Students will either rise or fall depending on the expectations the teacher sets in terms of work compliance and standards. You ought to be keen enough to know what your students are capable of doing and what they just can’t comprehend and set the right values and standards.

3. Should be engaging:

Great teachers know how to engage students professionally in order for them to have a handle on what they are learning. In other words, instead of just “teaching” for the sake of teaching, you should engage them; you should become that friend that they’ll always turn to whenever they need any kind of help.

2. Should know what works well:

You have to know that positives go one better than castigation.  After all, if you punish the students every time they are on wrong side of the road you’ll push them away from objectives of the subject instead of drawing them closer to the right track.

1. Great teachers are focused:

Regardless of the goal at hand, you shouldn’t be distracted from it! You ought to be dedicated to achieving the main objectives of the various programs that you choose to teach your students; one at a time.


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