Top 10 Beach Activities

Top 10 Beach Activities

Aside from swimming, people go to the beach for a lot of different reasons. It may all depend on who your companions are – their age, their preferences, and any special condition that they have. You may also come alone and is either in search of adventure or just want some peace and quiet to reflect or just be in touch with nature. The beach is also a romantic place for couples. Here are the top ten beach activities.

10. Shake your Bonfire. Having bonfire parties is definitely one of the most fun things that you can do in a beach. It is a perfect bonding time if you are with you are with your friends or family. Your bonfire party may be as simple as sharing stories while toasting marshmallows and beer or a lively one with music and dancing.

Beach Activity

9. Wet Relay. Playing games is another great way to pass time when you are in the beach. You can play relay using seawater or sand to fill a large pail using a small dipper and the first group to fill the tub wins. You need not to worry about the prize but it is the losing team who needs to worry for they will be getting a punishment. Just be creative with the punishment so that it will be more like a “FUNishment”.

8. Frozen Sand. Write anything on the sand – names of a special person, the date, name of your friends, your emotions, a quote or a line from a song that perfectly describes the day, anything that you would like to say, take a picture and print it out. Use it as a post card to send to your friends and family.

7. Better Half. If you are tired of making the conventional sand castle, you can create a more artsy one by putting equal amount of water and sand into a funnel, a dipper, or any improvised container and let the mixture drip until you form a castle-like structure.

6. Shell Souvenir. This activity is perfect if you are with your special someone, or if you are alone. You can stroll along the beach and collect small shells. You can keep it in a small bottle and label it with the date and the place. It is fun to collect this kind of souvenir and place it somewhere in your house for visitors to see. It will remind you of all the beaches you’ve been to and all the memories.

5. Life is a Picnic. Have a picnic at the beach! You may bring your own variety of food, or you can buy food from vendors around the beach. Share it with your friends or family and have the perfect bonding moment while you eat.

4. Shell Art. Create different objects and images on the sand using shells and other materials that you can find such as sticks and pebbles.

3. Sports Munch Sip. That is not a tongue twister. It is the chronology of fun activities put together. Play beach volleyball with your friends or family, munch on some snacks, and drink refreshing juices.

2. Fetch! Play with Frisbee. It is a great exercise and a nice way to pass time. You will also be helping your companions to have some workout at the beach.

1. Beach Bookworm. Being in a beach is a nice opportunity to catch up on reading while working on your tan. When with the family, you can also read a story for the kids.


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