Top 10 Benefits of Online Surveys

Top 10 Benefits of Online Surveys

Conducting market research for products or services can be quite painstaking and costly for any businessman or woman. The online questionnaire tools are great tools of conducting the researches at very small costs as compared to the offline systems. Here are the top ten reasons why you should use the online tools in conducting a survey of your target market.

10. Faster:

You require about two-thirds of the total time that you will spend on conducting such market researches in the traditional offline platforms. You don’t need to wait for the filled questionnaires to come back from the field for you compile and analyze the data. The response is almost instant because the processes involved are automated.

Benefits of Online Surveys

9. Cheaper:

The cost of conducting these researches is less than half the cost in the offline world. You don’t have to assign a large staff of experts to conduct the researches when doing it on the online surveys. This will enable your business to make huge savings at the end of the day.

8. Top notch accuracy:

The fact that respondents enter their responses directly into the system, the margin of error is highly reduced. The accuracy of data in the traditional methods depends on the attentiveness of the interviewer or your member of staff. Moreover, whenever a human being is involved in performing a repetitive task he or she is bound to make errors unwillingly.

7. Quick to Analyze:

Since the results will stream in live immediately a respondent enters data into your questionnaire or system, you can immediately analyze the data. You can use graphs and tables to present the collected data with ease by using the online tools than you can do with the offline tools.

6. Participants can use it easily:

A larger percentage of people who own PCs or laptops are comfortable in answering a survey online than through the phone. This is majorly because, participants can choose the right time when to participate in the surveys. Moreover, a participant is more likely to give a detailed response than he or she would have done through a phone call.

5. Easy for Researchers:

Researchers can save more time than they can in the offline world. They can easily transfer the data, once it has been collected, into statistical software for fast analysis. Spreadsheets can also be used in handling detailed data.

4. Easy to Style:

You easily design your site or even style the survey with the online tools. You can add the company logo, various colors and layouts to your online product or service survey. However, when adding something such as video and audios you should remember that some participants don’t like pages that load too slow.

3. More Honest

Researchers have actually found out that participants have a tendency of providing detailed information on the online surveys. Respondents are more likely to offer honest responses because the online platform is anonymous.

2. More Selective:

The online tools will enable you to pre-screen your participants, so as you can limit your research to your specific target market. This will help you in getting the right answers from the right respondents.

1. More Flexible

Questions or answers on the online questionnaires can be skipped depending on the previous answers and questions. Therefore, questions can even be directed to a certain respondent as he or she progresses.


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