Top 10 Best Law Schools

Top 10 Best Law Schools

Education is everywhere but when it comes to Law, only a few are tagged as the best all over the world. No wonder aspirant lawyers look after a list of the best law school where they can enroll to enhance their skills and learning about their field of study. Considering the produce of these schools and the BAR Exam passers, you can tell why they made it in such a privileged list. Quality education and productive after-school performance have been the criteria for identification. So, in case you have not seen yourself the top 10 list of the best law schools around the world, check this out:

  1. Sydney

The Sydney Law School based in Australia is known for its great local and international preparation of law students. They made it to the top list and this is due to the exceptional performance they have excelled both in Australia and the neighboring countries. The school is also in the list of QS World University Rankings and the Social Sciences Research Network of top international law schools.

  1. Stanford

Based in California, the Stanford Law School was founded in 1893 where former United States President Benjamin Harrison has been one of its Law professors. Around 200 courses are offered in the Law School and the school is dedicated to provide academic excellence at its highest where they see to it their lawyer produce are honorably and fully equipped once they practice.

  1. Chicago

The University Of Chicago School Of Law is home to aspiring Legal Counsels and other Law-related careers. Based in a local residential city, the school is tightly engaged in the art of participative learning. The freedom of self-expression, regardless of the variation in point of views, is best honed in this school. This is why you are not limited to a single point of view over here.

  1. Columbia

The Columbia Law School in the University of Columbia features high standards relative to the intelligent efforts essential among law schools. Corporate law and Social Sciences both awaits students and interns who aim to pursue their studies in this school. This is one other flagship to the great law schools in America.

  1. Melbourne

The University of Melbourne Law School made it on the Top 10 Best Law School year over year and this is due to a number of reasons.  Home to Domestic and International Lawyers, the school aims to sustain excellent standards among its Law learners, who eventually make it when they are then involved in the field.

  1. NYU

The NYU Law is a concrete powerhouse of legal education endowed by more than a hundred faculties teaching more than 300 courses for aspiring lawyers to choose from. The global claims about the strong presence of the school being one of the greatest learning places are embodied with practical legal initiatives.

  1. Oxford

The University of Oxford – Faculty of Law is based in England where it is basically a joined federation of around 30 law schools offered in the varied colleges department. This is home to legal scholars who hailed from different parts of the world where there are wannabes who wish to explore and practice in the legal arena after they have wrapped up their education.

  1. Cambridge

The Faculty of Law in the University of Cambridge has been ranked number 1 by The Sunday Times, The Times, and The Guardian. These are local newspapers that are after the greatest when it comes to Law School in the UK. The earliest legal course has been offered in Cambridge in as far back as the 13th century, which only shows how well founded this school of law is.

  1. Yale

The Yale Law School is known to be one of the premier classes School of Law. Based in Connecticut, educational excellence and countless opportunities are opened up to both the law students and interns who aim to enhance whatever legal skills they have acquired so far, until they finally practice.

  1. Harvard

The Harvard Law School has been the home-base of Government Leaders, Justices, and Lawmakers all over the world. Male and female legal counsels alike have found their way out of the greatest law school towards the highest offices and the most prestigious seats and this is due to their excellent standards in law education.

When you intend to pursue a career in law, the first thing you should do is to check the latest rankings of law schools. This is considering you have the finances that will be inevitably needed when you are in a hot pursuit of only the best and not just some second best. The environment, the tuition fees, and the size of school are just some of the minor considerations, then. The list above shows that most of the best law schools are in the US so you need not go farther to get a good law school.


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