Top 10 Best Miss Universe Answers

Top 10 Best Miss Universe Answers

Beauty queens are known to be beautiful faces backed up by brains. Screenings and interviews make sure that only the best of the best gets through. Candidates have different ways of preparation for the big event and all of them are most nervous about the question and answer portion compared to other parts of the pageant. Here are the top ten most admirable Miss Universe Q&A answers.

10. Gender Equality. When Stefanie Fernandez of Venezuela (Miss Universe 2009 )was asked on what area she feels that women of the current time is still being kept from reaching their dreams, she answered that no such things exists anymore and women are now equal to men. She asked women to be aware of the fact that nothing can stop them from realizing their dreams anymore.

9. Essence. Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe 1994) was asked what being a woman’s true essence is, she answered that it is the ability to carry a miracle inside which is another human being and showing men everything they need to know about loving and sharing.

Miss Universe

8. Miss English-versed. Janine Tugonon of Philippines (Miss Universe 2012) was asked if she thinks that being able to communicate well using the English language should be required for Miss Universe. She answered that it is not the language that the Miss Universe speaks that should matter but her desire and her dedication to the title and everything that comes with it. A lot of people loved her answer and thought that she should have won the crown.

7. Individualism. If Manpretee Brar of India (Miss Universe1995) is given the chance to do or give something for the women in her country, she will be giving them the right to choose what they want in their lives because this freedom will allow them to be a real individual and not be defined by their role in the family or in the society.

6. Pig out! Brook Mahealani of USA (Miss Universe 1997) will eat every food in the world not just once but twice, if all restrictions and limitations will be lifted for a day. Surprised by her answer, the audience definitely appreciated her honesty and being straight-forward. Sometimes, it is not the total thought of the answer but how it fits exactly what is being asked for and its power to solicit a reaction from the audience.

5. Lead the way. Lara Dutta of India (Miss Universe 2000) pointed out that the women of India who are educated are very much capable of being leaders and are in fact, more sensitive than men which is one of the traits of an effective leader. She also mentioned that events such as the Miss Universe pageant are perfect opportunities for Indian women to tell the world what they want to say.

4. Dancing to the tune of life. Riyo Mori of Japan (Miss Universe 2007) is a dancer since childhood who learned how important it is to have a positive outlook in life. Given the chance this is what she wants to pass on to the younger ones.

3. Peacemaker. Nafisa Joseph of India (Miss Universe 1997) believes that bearing children who will be born without knowing peace is the worst injustice of all.

2. Stay the same. Leila Lopes of Angola (Miss Universe 2011) expressed how she is very grateful that God made her as she is and that she will not change anything at all even when given the chance.

1. To the moon and back. Gloria Diaz of the Philippines (Miss Universe 1969) was quick to respond that she will go on with her routine as usual if a man from the moon landed in her neighborhood. She said that somebody who just came from the moon must want to see something new so she will not do anything out of the ordinary – very witty.


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