Top 10 Best Soccer Moments Which the Fans Will Never Forget

Top 10 Best Soccer Moments Which the Fans Will Never Forget

All over the years soccer has brought many unforgettable moments for the fan. All these soccer moments are captured and for the fans these moments carry huge value.

10. The overcoming of Greece over Portugal in Euro 2004

The victory of Greece in Euro 2004 was simply a miracle because the team had nothing to shout or cheer about. The striker Charisteas is the one who brought Greece’s victory by scoring 3 goals.

9. Real Madrid fans applauded for Ronaldinho in Bernabeu

In November 2005 the entire stadium and the world saw a genius performance from Ronaldinho who scored two magnificent goals and almost dominated the entire play. Talking about the energy, speed and the creativity of Ronaldinho, it was simply insane.

Best Soccer Moments

8. Antonin Panenka’s chipped penalty 

In the final match between Czechoslovia and West Germany in 1976 there was a draw in the score line. The last penalty kick was going to be scored by Antonin Panenka and at that situation he scored a magnificent goal by just chipping the ball in the middle of the net.

7. The volley by ZinedineZidane in Champion’s League final

The final match of Champion’s league 2002 was held between Juventus and real Madrid and that match was won by Juventus by a mind blowing goal by Zidane. The looping cross of Roberto Carlos was given a great finish by a volley by ZinedineZidane.

6. Italy was dumped out of the World cup 1966 by North Korea

The world cup of 1966 was made memorable by the shocking win of North Korea against Italy. Italy was eliminated out of the World cup by this defeat.

5. The tearing out of Arsenal’s defense by Ryan Giggs

In the F.A. Cup semi-final Ryan Giggs showed some real brilliance. After saving Dennis Bergkamp’s penalty by peter Schmeichel, Ryan Giggs took the ball from behind the half-line and scored a sensational goal by showing some explosive pace and brilliant control.

4. Thurman’s goals in 1998 World Cup

France won the World cup of 1998 due to the two remarkable goals by Thurman against Croatia. The second goal was legendary and it enabled France to put their noses in front in the match.

3. Liverpool’s unforgettable victory in Champion’s League 2005

In the final match in Anfield Liverpool was trailing by 3-0 against Milan. The match was made draw by 3 goals by Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso. And in the penalty shootout the Polish keeper showed some brilliant saves to bring victory to Liverpool.

2. Manchester city’s first premier league title brought by Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero scored a last minute goal in a match earned them 3 points to the victory. For the first time the team won the premier League title and everything to due to Sergio Aguero splendid goal.

1. Hand of God by Diego Maradona

Argentina’s World cup win in 1986 was due to a goal by Diego Maradona which was scored by a quick use of the hand. The Artegina legend scored many sensational goals but his hand of God would always be remembered by everyone.


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