Top 10 Best Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Top 10 Best Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

In modern lifestyle, keeping a relationship sweet or even keep it up is very tough. It takes mature approach to keep it going smooth. You may not keep the communication sleek with your girl throughout the week for the busy hectic schedule. Most certainly it is she who you need the most at the weekend to refresh your mind and who can give you the haven of serenity. Keeping the angel of your life is a very foremost requisite that’s why, whose happiness surely complements yours’. Here are top ten tips that may help you out with the means to keep your girl happy.

10. Take her out regularly:

Your girl likes to see the world through your eyes, holding your hands. Take her regularly to cinema or restaurants to let her feel that you too want to be her apple of eye.

9. Share everything:

Share everything that you feel, what you need. Most girls take it as pleasure to gratify her man in every possible way she can. Letting her introspect into your psyche in a way makes her feel really special.

8. Don’t fanaticize other girls:

Your girl wants to feel herself to be a possession of you only, expecting every ownership attitude from you with all the respects in the world. Having this kind of mindset, it is most certain that she is never going to like your fondness towards other girls. Try to make the girl feel to be the most beautiful on the face of the earth. Make the matter of beauty of other girls a frivolous subject to her. It will keep the worries down of her head.

7. Always encourage:

Always encourage your lady, whatever she does. Never say her negative things which may turn her off. Try to help her in every possible way for her success. If she fails, hold her hands and encourage for a new run.

6. Complement her:

It doesn’t always have to be fifty-fifty stuff. There are occasions when she may fall back for many inevitable reasons, expecting you to fill the gap. Let her also take the initiative when you are not at summit.

5. Buy her inexpensive small gifts every now and then:

Give them small gifts every now and then. It will let her feel to be the most expensive jewel in the world.

4. Never make fun of her:

If she does anything that doesn’t take your interest, never let your laughing muscles be active with abasing tone. Instead, tell her that, you like something else and give a heart-filling smile.

Girlfriend Happy

3. Always be polite and affectionate to her:

Act politely always and show affection. She wants to be the princess of your life. She may condone if you can’t buy her expensive gifts, if you can’t even give time. But misbehaving leads you nowhere but the lonely streets snatching your girl away.

2. Understand her urge and indulge in romance:

Sex and romance is an inevitable part of human being. She is carrying and dealing with the same attraction you feel as a man. Maybe your woman is a bit shy; understand her feeling by going the distance yourself.

1. Give surprises more often:

Girls like surprises. Once in a while give her a surprise that may snatch her sleep for two nights. Imagine what would putting a ring in the chocolate cake that you have left her or being in front when she is away of the town, expecting you from nowhere mean to her. Fill her life with everlasting memories.


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