Top 10 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

Top 10 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

Sports has that incredible power to bring together different communities for the better. You may have noticed that spectators who flock to stadiums to witness their favorite teams are full of passion and adrenaline is runs high. People of all ages and both genders express their love for their teams and the scenes at the end of the games are magical. One set of supporters are disappointed while the other set is high on emotion. This is why sporting events are held all over the world and below is a list of 10 of the biggest.

Top 10 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

10. The Grand National, England

This is arguably the most renowned horse race in the world and as many as 40 horses go head to head against each other on a 4.5 mile long track full of obstacles. This event happens every April and the opening day brings in crowds of over 26,000.

9. World Series, United States

The World Series has gone on for a century and this event has seen its fair share of pitching duels and seventh-game thrillers. The World Series is more of a fixture on the American popular culture than a sporting event.

8. Wimbledon, England

It is rarely sunny in the English summer, but Wimbledon makes do with what it can get. Overcast skies and grassy courts is what all the Wimbledon tennis tournament is all about. This is considered the most prestigious of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

7. Polo at Palermo, Argentina

Argentinian Polo is considered to be the best in the world and the hardest players and the most knowledgeable fans are brought together between late November and early December during the southern hemisphere summer every year.

6. The Masters, United States

The first Masters tournament was held in the year 1934 and it was then called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament for the first five years. Its name was changed to what it is today after those five years. The Masters is considered the most prestigious golf tournament in the United States.

5. The National Basketball Association Finals, United States

This sports festival is all about the leading Basketball teams in the country and cheerleaders with their high energy dance numbers. The three-pointers, free throws and slam dunks are all heart stopping moments when this event is going on.

4. The Super Bowl, United States

This event, especially the final of it, is so big that products and businesses come up with exclusive commercial designed specifically to go with this event. And trust us, some commercials they are. If the commercials are worth watching, just imagine how good the event itself must be.

3. FIFA World Cup

After every four years, 32 of the top footballing countries in the world take on each other to win what is considered the top prize in the world of Football.

2. The Olympic Games

It used to happen back in the time of ancient Greece and has been revived once again for its modern run, which started in the late 1800s. It is one of the biggest sporting event of every four years.

1. The 24 Hours of Le Mans, France

All aspects of speed, skill and stamina are tested in this automobile race which takes place every June in France. A lot of dedicated race cars and prototypes are on show in this event and it should not be missed if you are anywhere near France during the month of June.


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