Top 10 Bizarre New Year Customs Celebrated Globally

Top 10 Bizarre New Year Customs Celebrated Globally

New Year is the most celebrated event worldwide despite of people’s class, creed, cultural background, origin, and nationality. We all celebrate this day in a hope that the coming year will fill our life with all good fortunes by erasing all harsh memories of our past. However, you will be amazed to know about the weird and bizarre New Year customs celebrated in different parts of the globe. Here is the list of top 10 such funny and freaky ways people celebrate this day.

10. Breaking saucers: This funny and traditional New Year celebration takes place in Denmark. In Danish tradition, people throw and break saucers to their neighbours’ door to welcome the New Year. This celebration makes them happy; the person or family with maximum number of broken plates is considered as the luckiest one.

9. Hogmanay tradition: This tradition is also known as Great Balls of Fire which is celebrated in Scotland on 31st of December each year. This is the age old tradition where people swing fire balls above their heads. They believe that these fire ball ceremonies bring rays and purify the surroundings.

8. Conversation with spirits: This bizarre New Year celebration custom is from Mexico. People of that country consider the New Year eve as an auspicious day to exchange a few words with the dead souls of their loved ones. Through this process they either ask for their guidance or convey messages.

7. Tradition to find future husband: In Ireland, there is a weird tradition performed to find future husband by every single woman on New Year’s nights. In this tradition, these women used to keep mistletoe leaves beneath their pillows in a hope to find their future husband. Also according to their culture, this procedure will help them to remove their bad luck and bring prosperity in their lives.

6. Midnight kiss tradition in America: In America, people perform this funny tradition during New Year celebration by kissing each other in the midnight to make their coming year beautiful.

5. Wearing polka dots dress: In Philippines, people wear polka dots dress in every New Year eve. They believe that all these dresses with round dots resemble to coins and wealth which help them to bring prosperity in their lives.

4. Burning Scarecrow: People in Ecuador burn dummy scarecrow during their New Year celebration. In their culture and tradition, burning scarecrow signifies burning all bad things and bringing good luck in the coming year.

Celebrated Globally

3. Wearing colourful underwear: In some countries like Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and some other South American states people celebrate the New Year’s Eve by wearing colourful underwear.

2. Celebrations at the cemetery: People of Talca in Chile celebrate a very weird New Year custom. They celebrate the New Year at cemeteries along with their dead relatives.

1. Dinner for One: Germans used to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with this bizarre ” Dinner for One” custom since 1972. They watch this show every year on this day to perform the same procedure again and again.


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