Top 10 Books made into Movies

Top 10 Books made into Movies

Movies always bring life to books from which they have been adapted. Some movies fail to grab the sense and plot of the books they wish to adapt and therefore aren’t a good representation of these books.

10. Confessions of a Shopaholic

Both the movie and the book lacked interest. The movie could have been made better with the brilliant cast in it. It seemed as if not much value was put in by the director to at least get mixed reviews if not good ones. The book also wasn’t a page turner and left readers sifting through the pages to find interesting material.

9. The girl with the dragon tattoo

The first in the series ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ book was listed in the New York Times bestseller list as number four. The movie and the book got above average review. However Rooney o Hara played the main character wonderfully and was the only positive remark received by the movie.

8. The Hunt for Red October

This book started the career of its author Tom Clancy. Its film adaptation didn’t claim awards as such but did actually cover its budget.

Books made into Movies

7. The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo book was the first story of its kind and translated into many languages. It received above average reviews by critics for the film in 2005.

6. Pride and prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a book which cannot be captured entirely in a film adaptation. The movie was nominated in four categories in Academy Awards but failed to claim any. The BBC TV series was the closest and the only medium that could come to capture the theme and plot of the book completely.

5. Bourne Trilogy

There is no comparison of Bourne Trilogy books written by late Robert Ludlum. The film adaptation of these books also received good reviews critically though it only won Academy awards in the technical arena. The last movie in the series acted by Matt Damon received far better reviews than the former ones.

4. Little Women

Little Women book accomplished to create a new image of little women in the 18th century to enable them to choose their own paths and not face the same fate as their mothers had. There are 3 film adaptations of this book but the 1995 film was successful in portraying a far better image.

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter, a story of a boy who faced a tragic childhood, is still the greatest book. Its movies are a compliment to this book but a movie cannot out do a book. Harry Potter movies have not gained critical attention as such but managed to gain few awards.

2. Lord of the Rings

The movie trilogy got great reviews from critics and readers alike. But all the credit goes to the author of the book and how it was written. Because if the book hadn’t been written that well, the movie producer wouldn’t have been able to create a close adaptation of the book.

1. Silence of the Lamb

With 5 Academy Awards won, Silence of the Lamb as a movie acquired the same recognition as the book did. Known as the best suspense thriller novel of all times, Silence of the Lamb was one of the greatest books in its Hannibal, Lecter Series.

1. Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a story not only critically acclaimed as a book but also as a movie. A story told by a boy who didn’t believe in God at first but later adopted many religions to truly understand God.


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