Top 10 Businesses Owned by Celebrities

Top 10 Businesses Owned by Celebrities

Being a celebrity is a tough job. You need to look good all the time, you need to behave all the time; you need to take care of your health, and be careful in speaking and also with your actions. One can never say that he or she will be on the top forever, with a lot of newcomers ready to take your place once they get the chance. Aside from this, there are a lot of other possible reasons why a celebrity will give up the limelight and settle for an ordinary life. Wise celebrities make sure that they have a fallback once that happens. Here are the Top 10 businesses owned by celebrities.

10. The Big Sleep. The Big Sleep Hotel is owned by John Malkovich. Guests comment on the affordability of the rooms without sacrificing the quality. Being John Malkovich must be great!

9. Honest, Co. Jessica Alba owns this eco-friendly store of diapers, shampoo, sunscreens, and other toiletries and household cleaners. These products are for daily use and this is a very smart choice of business for the “Dark Angel”.

Business run by celebrity

8. Mission Ranch Hotel. Clint Eastwood can say that he has completed his mission. This Ranch was supposed to be converted into condominiums and to save it, Mr. Eastwood bought it and turned the dairy farm into a seaside hotel instead.

7. Soul Kitchen. Jon Bon Jovi’s restaurant is probably the best place to go to if you are looking for a sumptuous meal but cannot afford it. You may wonder why there isn’t any price on the menu when it is supposed to tell you about the available food and how much each costs. It is actually deliberate since you are supposed to pay any amount that feels right. In case that you do not have any money, you can approach the crew and you can help them in the restaurant in exchange of your food.

6. Electra-Pole. Carmen Electra shares her secret to a killer body and sexy attitude through her “Striptease” Aerobic DVD collection and stripper poles.

5. 40/40. It’s always fun to do something that you really like doing. Jay-Z must be feeling this way with the success of 40/40, a sports bar that is one of the favorite hang-outs of fellow celebrities. One of the best features of this place is the sports memorabilia.

4. Necker Island. This island is perfect for celebrities and other people who need privacy. This is a pricey hotel and guests can even rent the whole island. One of the important celebrity events that took place here is the wedding of Nick Lacheyand  VanessaMinnillo.

3. Midnight Star. This casino and museum is owned by the greatest “Bodyguard” ever, Kevin Costner.

2. The Greenwich Hotel. Robert DeNiro probably saw green when he was planning his business. Putting up a hotel in a run-down industrial area may sound like a joke to some people but not to Mr. DeNiro who had the last laugh. He was able to change the destiny of the place and he is making a fortune for himself, too.

1. Oprah Winfrey Network. Yes, owned by nobody else than the Queen of Talk herself, Oprah Winfrey. From an abused girl to a beauty queen, and now a network big boss, Ms. Winfrey definitely has success written all over her biography.


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