Top 10 Cloud Storage Services

Top 10 Cloud Storage Services

First of all, let us get the most common question out of the way: what exactly is cloud storage? Cloud storage is free (or extremely cheap) web space for you to store, back up and share with others, your personal files. This is a relatively new side of the internet that has only started to show its face a few years ago. Space on the internet is just like real estate: it costs money. But with the advent of cloud storage, that trend is slowly changing.

Top 10 Cloud Storage Services

Below is a list of the best and the most popular cloud storage services.

10. Amazon Cloud Drive

When Amazon’s Cloud Drive first went live, you also had the option of using it to stream music. Now music streaming has moved to the Amazon Cloud Player. 5 gigabytes of free storage with the free version of this service.

9. Apple iCloud

Just like the above entry, Apple’s iCloud also has a free storage capacity of five gigabytes. If you want to exceed this limit, you would have to pay for it. Not only do you get storage and a music server, but wireless services too.

8. Box

One exciting feature with Box is that you can upload whatever files you want and you can also control who has access to what files. The business version of Box has a host of useful features that are tailored for people in the corporate lifestyle.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox was the service that really gave the cloud storage industry a real boost. It was by no means the first to offer such services, but was certainly the first to popularize it. It works just like a network drive, except the network is in fact the whole internet.

6. Google Drive

You just cannot keep Google out of any aspect of the online world. Its cloud storage system is quite simple with a friendly web interface and one-click downloading. One great thing about Google Drive is that it supports all file types and you get 5 gigabytes of free storage for the free version.

5. MediaFire

50 gigabytes of free storage sounds quite tempting when you first hear it. This is what MediaFire offers you. However, there are a few points to consider. The free version is ad-supported and a single file of just 200 MB is allowed to be uploaded.

4. Mega

The good thing about Mega, apart from the fact that it just like MediaFire also offers 50 GB of free storage, is that the upload and download speeds are quite good. The time it takes to upload files can be counted using a clock instead of a calendar.

3. Microsoft SkyDrive

For most of Windows users, SkyDrive has become the preferred cloud storage service. One reason could be that it offers up to 7 GB of free storage.

2. SpiderOak

This is one of the few free services that encrypts your data so securely, even the folks working at SpiderOak do not know what you are uploading.

1. Ubuntu One

The name might suggest that the service can only be used on Ubuntu or on Linux at the most. This is not true as Ubuntu One is compatible with all versions of Windows higher than XP.


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