Top 10 Club Football Players

Top 10 Club Football Players

Football is a multi-billion dollar industry in Europe and every casual citizen is likely to know the latest scores and the table standings of local league. Consequently, players want to give their best to make their fans happy and to move up the ladder of the local football circle. There are some players who look at football more as a way of earning than a sport and look for the best available deal. As a result, the football team who has the richest owner and the biggest sponsors, tend to attract the best players and as a result are mostly on the top of the table. Below is a list of players who stick with their home club no matter what deals they are offered by others.

10. Victor Valdes – Barcelona

This goalkeeper has been loyal to Spanish football giants and is featured at number 10 of this list. However, there is plenty of speculation that he might leave the club by the time next season rolls around.

9. Iker Casillas – Real Madrid

Number 9 on the list is another Spanish keeper. We may not have seen Casillas play a lot last season but that does not stop him from being a legend for Real Madrid.

8. Steven Gerrard – Liverpool

Gerrard is the only English player on this list. There was speculation a few years ago about his move away but these rumors never materialized.

7. Igor Akinfeev – CSKA Moscow

This Russian keeper has stuck with CSKA Moscow since they day he joined the club and has helped his club win the Russian Cup and finished runners-up last season.

6. Daniele De Rossi – AS Roma

This great player has so far stuck with his home club AS Roma but a lot of good offers have been coming his way and we might be seeing a move sometime soon if these offers continue.

5. Bastian Schweinsteiger – Bayern Munich

This 28-year-old has for a long time been a familiar face in not only the Bayern Munich but also the German midfield. He is unlikely to leave the club any time soon.

4. Andres Iniesta – Barcelona

Andres Iniesta is known by most people for scoring the winning goal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup final. He has stuck with Barcelona throughout their finest years and is expected to stay there for the duration of this career.

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3. Francesco Totti – AS Roma

If you are not an avid football follower, then you probably remember Totti from the 2002 FIFA World Cup and are wondering whether he is still playing. Yes, he is still playing and is arguably the greatest ever player to have graced the pitch for AS Roma.

2. Xavi – Barcelona

He is known as the master of the pass and is an integral part of the style of football both the Spanish team and Barcelona are known for. He has stayed loyal to Barcelona ever since he got in.

1. Carlos Puyol – Barcelona

Puyol is the greatest one-club football player and has many titles and trophies to show for it. If he continues the way he is going now, he will retire with a lot more.


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