Top 10 Collectible Card Games

Top 10 Collectible Card Games

Trading Card games are one of the most anticipated collectible games that many are enjoying. It takes skill, strategy and determination to master the game styles and find the loop holes in defeating your enemy. What’s amazing is that you can construct your team. You look for these said cards and with each card beautifully added to your collection and deck you become more confident than ever. It is a continuing and ongoing pass time that millions enjoy and continue to enjoy today.

Of the various existing card games, many may wonder and search for that one game that they will like. Be it on a real board game setting or online, to help you with your search here is a compilation of the top 10 best Collectible Card games.

Collectible Card Games

10. Magic: The Gathering

The first and continuing card game that still continues to amass millions of players and fans with its expansions towards action figures, toys, and even video games. With a simple gameplay system and thousands of cards to choose from, this makes MTG the oldest and strongest card game.

9. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Far younger than MCG, Yu-Gi-Oh has however been able to compete with MTG and is the most advertised card game in the world. With a fairly more complex nature and a very entertaining Anime adaptation, Yu-Gi- Oh stands at a close second. But only because this one is a younger generation card game.

8. Pokemon TGC

If there is one reason why this card game became famous is due to its publicity in the video game as well as the cartoon adaptation. With one of the most famous icons and brands around, of course the TGC will be as awesome as it is. Still following the “GottaCatachEm’All” team, this card game also offers entertaining factors.

7. World of Warcraft CCG

Blizzard made a very dramatic move in this Card game. With the experience that they claim “World of Warcraft In your pocket,” this make your all-time favorite MMO makes a pretty darn good twist at the usual TCG concepts. After all its Blizzard. Since when did they make something that isn’t fun?

6. Chaotic

For a war game to be converted easily into a card game is an impressive feat. For a game that demands skill and a lot of getting used to, Chaotic makes a very impressive gameplay with an

5. Legend of the 5 Rings

One of the older card games and one which has continued to satisfy the masses is Legend of the 5 Rings. Unlike many of its generational TCG, this one still remains strong and still continues to draw more players in the field. Definitely a card game to try.

4. Star Wars CCG

A StarWars themed CCG have always been expected. Since the brand already carried a lot of attention in itself it would be expected that it would soon reach to many other platforms of entertainment. The Card game of Starwars does not disappoint. With a constantly evolving and ongoing community of gamers for this franchise, you can bet Star Wars CCG will be something that will stay.

3. Netrunner

If you like MTG then you’ll love this. From the very same maker of Magic: The Gathering, is Netrunner. Reviewed by critics to have impressive artwork and a very balanced gameplay, it has proven an additional franchise as a fitting product from Richard Garfield. Nominated as one of the most underrated games of the millennium makes this game a good idea to try.

2. Cardfight! Vandguard

Well what more can you expect if both authors of the manga series and that of Yu-Gi-Oh! collaborates to create a card game? The game is very similar to that of Yu-Gi-Oh as the creators were in some ways the same. Though some may say that it is an overrated game, the game still brings in a lot of fun.

1. VS System

what’s so fun with DC and Marvel heroes battle it out each other in a game of endurance? I think the question answers the question. The brand images and collectibles are as good as how fun the game can be. With brand characters from both universe and a very entertaining battle rule, this makes VS. System one of the best CCG.


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