Top 10 Colors

Top 10 Colors

Color is what makes the world so beautiful. What would we do if roses weren’t red and violets weren’t blue? Here are the top 10 colors.

1. Vermillion

Also called Chinese red or cinnabar, this color is a bright and vivid red orange. The word is derived from a Latin word vermiculus which refers to the dried dead bodies of insects that are used to produce the color. Vermillion has a huge significance in Hinduism as it is the color of Sindoor, a cosmetic powder worn by married woman.

2. Verdigris Green

It is a clear bluish green that results from an acid being applied to copper. It is derived from the word vert-de-Grece or “green of Greece”. The color is used as a fungicide, in medicine and for dyeing.

Top 10 Colors


3. Titian

This color is a blend between brown and orange. It was named after the nickname of the 16th-century painter Tiziana Vecellio, who used the color frequently in his paintings.

4. Bisque

This is a color that lies between yellowish-gray to orange-yellow. It is used extensively in textiles. The color is similar to those of almonds and belongs to the neutral color family from which taupe and tan also originate.

5. Puce

Puce is a deep red to dark grayish purple. The name is derived from the French word for flea, puce. The color refers to the blood or droppings of this flee and also those of bedbugs. The color has been in use ever since 1787.

6. Cattleya

This colour is a medium purple and is derived from the word American orchid that belongs to the genus Cattleya. The color is what makes this flower so heavily cultivated. The orchid itself was named after William Cattley, who was a fan of the orchids.

7. Smalt

When you macerate a glass of silica, potash and cobalt oxide, this is the color that you get. A deep blue color  Smalt is used in pottery, surface decorations and in paintings. The word is derived from the German word, Smelt, which means ‘to melt’.

8. Damask

This is a grayish red, the same as that of the Damask rose. The word belongs to the Arabic language and was named after the Syrian city of Damascus.

9. Jasper

This dark green color is obtained from Quartz, which is used both as a gemstone and ornaments. It is also used as vases, snuff boxes and as envelope seals. The name is derived from the old French word jasper, which means a stone with spots.

10. Bittersweet

This is a shade of orange which is deep red. It was first used as an English word in 1892. The color was named after the American plant, ‘false bittersweet’ which had orange-colored fruits. The name itself means to be bitter and sweet at the same time or to be pleasant and tinged with sadness at the same time. The color is also known by the name of deadly nightshade.


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