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Top 10 Creative Freelance Careers

Top 10 Creative Freelance Careers

Freelancing has come a long way since the internet became a household utility. Dozens of freelancing sites have popped up they help a great deal in matching clients with contractors. Many people have quit their full time jobs and taken up freelancing as the way to make a living. There are many advantages of choosing freelancing over full time jobs, like the prospect of spending more time at home. Below is a list of freelancing careers you can take up depending on your skills.

10. Play Consultant

A professional play consultant is considered the ultimate creative freelance career. The work you would be expected to do as a play consultant is the production of schedules and programs for schools or other organizations.

graphic artist

Graphic Artist

9. Graphic Artist

This is by no means a new freelancing profession but it has certainly got a whole new dimension with the internet. Website and company logos are always required by businesses of all sizes and the payday is impressive too.

8. Jewelry Designer

If you have a hobby of the collection and shaping of precious rocks, you might want to consider a freelance career as a Jewelry Designer. The profession about more than the selling of necklaces and earrings.

7. Event Coordinator

This is not a job that you can do while staying at home, but it is still something that can be enjoyed, unlike most other jobs. Imagine organizing and planning a Sweet 16 party or a college birthday bash. These events are enjoyed by hundreds.

6. Social Media Consultant

The use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is on the rise and businesses of all sizes realize that they need to take this opportunity to increase their sales. Most regular employees do not have the expertise to manage sales on social media, so you could be chosen to run their Facebook page and answer customers’ queries.

5. Real Estate Marketing Consultant

Selling of real estate today is more competitive than ever and it is something homeowners alone cannot manage. If you have any experience in dealing with real estate before, you can act as a middleman between two parties doing business on real estate.

4. Waterscapes Design Consultant

Waterscapes are a segment of the industry which deals with outdoor living and the designing of gardens. While working as a waterscapes design consultant you would be expected to help homeowners manage water elements in outdoor spaces.

3. Color Consultant

A color consultant is a person who specializes in the colors department of interior design. Owners of houses often have a difficult time trying to choose which color should be painted where. A color consultant can make this job easier for them.

2. Specialty Freelance Writer

Content writers for websites are required by many website owners and managers. Unique content that gets a lot of visitors is great for search engine optimization and this job can be done as a hobby because the payment might not be that great.

1. Scrapbook Design Consultant

Scrapbooking and rubber stamping is a multi-billion dollar industry today and the folks who have the passion and skill make a great amount of money freelancing as scrapbook design consultants.

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