Top 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

Top 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

If you thought that your homes are the safest places on Earth, then you better check again. Check the things that you have in your homes and find out if you own one or some of the things listed below that are potentially dangerous to the health of the household members.

Top 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

10. Mothballs

As experts reported that other ingredients found in mothballs can harm pests, people used this in their houses to avoid rodents and pests such as cockroaches, moths, rats etc., which ruins the clothes. Even though it harms those pests, it is not good for our health because it has chemicals that can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Examples of this are the naphthalene balls that can damage our cells in the body if we inhale more of these. The best thing to do is keep these mothballs in containers to provide safety for the family at home.

9. Pesticides

Pesticides are poisons that can kill pests and rodents. It has chemicals that can also harm children aging 5 years old and below. Before using this, be sure that it is not exposed to other people in your homes because if they inhale too much of it, this can harm their body cells leading to serious diseases. You have to practice safety before using pesticides.

8. Pressed Wood Products

Pressed Wood products are used for home construction.. Too much exposure of urea-formaldehyde used as a resin in these wood products can harm the human body and can cause burning eyes and throat, asthma and watery eyes. Other than that, it can also harm animals and can cause cancer to them too.

7. Chemicals in Carpet

Experts do not yet have evidences about the chemicals that carpets produce. However, carpets are harmful to the health of the people because of the dyes and glue that they used in it. For the safety of your household members, it is much better if you just keep your floors well-ventilated.

6. Laser Printers Chemicals

Other laser printers and ink-jet printers produces volatile organic compounds that can harm the human body and can cause heart and lung diseases. However, there are printers that consume less electricity and at the same time it do not cause harm to the environment as well. It is much better if you use printers that are recommended by the Energy stars.

5. Lead Paint

Lead is a threat to people especially for babies because it can cause problem with our kidneys, brain, blood cells and central nervous system.

4. Air Fresheners and Cleaning Solutions

It carry chemical such as paradichlorobenzene that can be harmful to animals and can cause cancer. The human body is also prone to have serious diseases when this chemical is inhaled many times. Even if it can freshen up our homes it can also bring poison to the human body.

3. Baby Bottles and BPA

Baby bottles are made of plastics that release a chemical such as Bisphenol-A, which can cause problems in the development of the neurons of babies and fetuses. It can also destroy hormones in the body.

2. Flame Retardants

Flame-retardants can help prevent fires in houses but the chemicals used, which is polybrominated diphenyl either can be harmful to the human body or is dangerous to your health as well. It can also affect the sperm of animals and the function of thyroid in their body.

1. Cosmetic Phthalates

Other name for phthalates is plasticizers, which are found in hair spray, shampoos, rubber ducky, deodorants, and fragrances that are harmful in the human body.



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