Top 10 Degrees In The World

Top 10 Degrees In The World

Looking for the top notch degrees available across the globe? Here is a complete list of top ten most rewarding and valuable degrees to assist you in your research. Keep reading and good luck in your career!

10. Nursing

Nursing involves protection, optimization and promotion of health and abilities. This profession requires specialized knowledge and skills. Before pursuing it as a profession, nurses have to meet certain requirements. This field definitely offers a promising career.

9. Business and Management

Business offers innovative career options to its students giving them exceptional functional knowledge, building leadership qualities and exposing them to strong work ethics. This takes them a long way in their career.

8. Human Resource

Human resources of an organization play an important role in its goal accomplishment. Managing these resources is not really an easy task. In today’s era, human resource management has evolved as a distinguished and unique career. The students completing this course are enjoying key roles in big multinational companies. It is surely a promising career option.

7. Law

This is one of the most popular degrees across the world. Be it banks, multinationals, public sector, it is a highly sought profession. It develops analytical and communication skills in its students thus offering them attractive career prospects. Some of the options for its graduates include family law, employment law, criminal justice and much more.

6. Psychology

Psychology course helps students to expand their understanding about human beings. This field has a lot of options like research, consulting, teaching, diagnosing and much more.

5. Medicine

Medicine is and will always be in demand even during an economic slowdown. The reason is simple. Human society is also in need of medical practitioners. In addition, there are a lot of options in this field. This includes surgeon, consultant, general practitioner and much more.

4. Computer Science

In the last two decades, there has been a huge development in the area of information technology.  As a result, the demand for computer science has increased significantly. The future of students pursuing this as a career is very bright. They can also expect handsome salaries.


3. Marketing

Marketing career can take you towards different directions. It not only gives you the ability to gain monetarily, but also provides you with a better understanding about people and their behavior. It is not just about the company’s products, media, but also about thinking globally and being creative. Thus, marketing surely offers great career prospects.

2. Engineering

With great economic advancements, a large number of universities are offering engineering degrees to students. Graduates from this field get good exposure about solving engineering problems and practical knowledge about designing, building and maintaining structures, machines and processes. This discipline surely has a great value.

1. Accounting

Accounting is a highly sought profession around the world. Although, this field may appear to be a bit complicated business but this is not really true. It offers a lot of high earning options for the graduates.


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