Top 10 Drugs you did not Know Were Legal

Top 10 Drugs you did not Know Were Legal

Reality-altering drugs are so looked down upon in today’s society that it is hard to imagine there are a few legal ones. Marijuana and its derivatives are illegal because of the hallucinations it causes and the harmful long term effects it has on the body of the user. Other examples of such drugs include crystal meth and heroin. Below is a list of a few substances that are legal in some states, primarily because they have yet to be categorized as drugs.

Top 10 Drugs you did not Know Were Legal

10. Incense

JWH-210 is a type of marijuana and is mostly used for the relieving of pain. There have been a few incidents in which the user died while driving under the influence of Incense. The DEA constantly reminds people not to buy drugs over the internet.

9. Bath Salts

If you have been watching the news recently, you would know a thing or two about the new drug called “bath salts”. There are quite a few chemicals which can be used for the creation of this drug and its effects include delusions and psychosis.

8. Salvia

This plant is commonly referred to as sage and it has many different uses including cooking and perfume. It has also been used to treat headaches and diarrhea but it is known in the drug world for its ability to cause hallucinations.

7. Cough Medicine

A lot of over-the-counter contain DXM, which is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is perfectly safe to have it but abuse has been high in recent years.

6. Amyl Nitrate

Amyl Nitrate is often used for the treatment of heart diseases and poisoning by cyanide. It can also be inhaled and it is known on the street as “poppers”. Its abuse has been known since the disco era.


5. Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is often inhaled by people and depending on the amount inhaled, users can get effects which range from intoxication to hallucinations. It is also known to alter the heartbeat of its users.

4. Gas Duster

Most people would know Gas Duster as a substance used for the cleaning of computer parts, usually keyboards. It is also incorrectly known as “compressed air” which leads its abusers to believe that it can’t cause harm to the body. The gas inside this can is a lot denser than normal air and can cause death the first time it is inhaled.

3. Nutmeg

You could probably find a container of nutmeg in your mom’s kitchen but what you probably didn’t know is that if it is snorted or eaten in large quantities it can directly affect the nervous system causing hallucinations.

2. Oregano

Oregano is often used for the treatment of tract disorders like coughs and asthma. But it is also abused by being taken in large quantities and snorted.

1. Morning Glory

The seeds of Morning Glory are eaten and the effects of this drug are apparent after about 30 minutes of consumption. The effects include hallucination, intoxication and others similar to those of LSD.


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