Top 10 Effective Christian Leadership Skills

Top 10 Effective Christian Leadership Skills

As a leader in a every area of life, you really have to carry the burden of ensuring your subjects achieve their various goals effectively. Here are the top ten leadership skills Christian leaders should embrace in leading their subjects.

10. Becoming a leader;

As an individual, you should take up the initiative of becoming a leader and telling yourself “I will act now” at all times. Step out of your comfort zone and do what you haven’t done to become a better leader in your leadership as well. That also means, you should try and figure out how to develop the right new approaches in your leadership.

9. Leading by example:

As a Christian leader, you try to lead through the example of your own relationship with God. What you do as a Christian leader will influence other people greatly. Furthermore the grace of God should shine to his sheep “Christians” through you as a representative of God. So the question is what are you doing to lead by example?

Christian Leadership Skills

8. Building leaders:

Just like any other organization does, you should put mechanisms in place that will advocate and create ways of building tomorrow’s leaders. In fact, building other leaders is part of your responsibilities and not a matter of choice. Nurture young talents with good attitudes and ethics to lead.

7. Being a good listener:

Just like any other good leader you ought to be a good listener. The world is broken because people are desperate for redemption and if you listen to a soul you’ll have helped in making a difference in somebody’s life. Even if you are not in a situation to offer the required help, chances are you know someone who can help the victim. After all, Christian leaders are special people chosen by God and are therefore led by the Holy Spirit. God will always speak to his flock through you.

6. Teaching gratitude;

You should first of all be grateful that you have the power to learn and teach gratitude. Don’t take it for granted because you learned with ease, God had a purpose when he gave to you so that he can use you as a vessel to help share the same spirit with others.

5. Communicating and connecting;

Communication breakdown among humans means chaos. As a leader, you have the responsibility of making sure that you create channels through which people can easily communicate and connect peacefully. You should teach Christians on how to communicate with non-Christians as well.

4. Creating a positive culture:

As a leader you are in a situation whereby you live the question “how do I best serve them?” Learn to notice the positive cultures that you have been taking for granted in your life and try to impart the same to your subjects. Remember, these are all gifts from God and it’s your duty to share them with his children.

2. Praying!

You shouldn’t only have the confidence to pray in the public but learn the effective skills of doing it in a Godly manner. Learn how to do all the types of prayers according to God’s teachings as is in the Bible.

1. Forgiving is a skill:

Once you have learned the skill you should try to teach your fellow Christians on how to embrace the skill of forgiving those who wrong them on their day to day basis. Teach them what forgiveness is all about too.


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