Top 10 Effective Tips To Prevent Fire In Your Home

Top 10 Effective Tips To Prevent Fire In Your Home

The number of fire accidents is increasing every year causing severe injuries and deaths. Fire accident is one of the most life threatening and unexpected accidents. Fire generally occurs in residential areas. A fire can destroy everything inside your house if no action is taken immediately. You can prevent your house from fire by practicingsome fire safety habits listed below.

10. Install smoke alarms

Most of the fire accidents occur at night and you cannot smell smoke when you are asleep. Therefore, you need a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm detects the unusual smoke before you can smell it or feel the flames. It warns you immediately so that you can save yourself and your house and also call for help. Don’t forget to change the batteries of the smoke alarm every year.

9. Keep a fire extinguisher in your house

It is very important to have afire extinguisher in your house especially in the kitchen area. It helps to extinguish small fires easily. Make sure you check the working of fire extinguisher regularly.

8. Keep a fire escape plan ready

Always keep a fire escape plan ready in case of emergency. Discuss with your family and prepare a plan about the things you should do in case of fire. Likewise, show your children how to call an emergency number.

7. Maintain your electrical devices

Fire accidents can be caused due to faulty wirings, overburdened sockets or extension cords, improper functioning of electrical devices and loose electrical connections. Check your electronic devices and fittings regularly to avoid the risk of fire accidents.

6. Handle flammable materials with care

Take necessary precautions while handling any flammable materials. Store them in a much secured storage away from any explosive items and electrical appliances.

5. Always be careful while cooking

It is advisable to avoid wearing loose fitting clothes while cooking. Also, avoid placing any kinds of kitchen clothes near the burners. Stay around the kitchen till you finish cooking. Don’t leave the burners unattended. Always put them out before you leave the kitchen.

4. Avoid using candles

If possible avoid using candles or buy a candle holder also to hold a candle in place. Candles should be put out before going to sleep.


3. Matches, candles and lighters should be kept away from children

Matches, candles, lighters and other inflammable items should be kept out of the reach of children to avoid fire accidents.

2. Learn how to use fire safety devices

It is very important to learn the use of fire safety devices like fire extinguishers and fire blankets to avoid the risk of fire accidents.

1. Safety ladders

It is essential to have ladders in your house. If your room is on the second floor, you can drop a ladder from the window to escape in case of fire emergency. We can make our family and our house safe and secured just by following these fire safety habits.


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