Top 10 Excuses for Missing Work

Top 10 Excuses for Missing Work

Work… works… and more works… We have our own times. It is more of a necessity nowadays to get up and hit the office. There will be productive days. And, there will be days that you just want to chill around… Times you want to appreciate the beauty of relaxing… Those times you formulate numerous pleas for your personal day out the office.

From feeling-ill to serious personal appointments, you need reasons to convince your boss. Here are some common excuses, from the least to the most convincing ones, for your free pass:

10. Sleeping Effects of the Wrong Pill.

Marilynn Mobley had been the IBM manager for a long time. And, what made her days interesting is the number of hilarious excuses from her constituents. One of the most comical alibis was swapping the bottles of his vitamins with Tylenol 3 with codeine. As an effect, he’s too sleepy to work.

9. The Car is stuck in the Garage.

Another senseless excuse that didn’t persuade Mobley was the inability to get the car work. A desperate worker once reasoned out the inability to open the garage door due to power shortage. Apparently, this can be worked out through manual ingenuity and willingness.

8. A Family Member Died.

Condolences will come rushing in your family as you spill the “bad news”. But the thing is, use this if and only if it is actually true. If not, you will be losing a lot especially the trust of your employer. Your day off will not be worth the risk as soon as your boss finds out the truth.

7. Just Lost With My Polling Precinct.

There are times that you need to work even if it’s Election Day. In fact, a communications specialist at CCH, Mary Dale Walters, encountered such alibi of taking the entire day just to vote for the presidential election. And, surely, she didn’t buy it.

6. Personal Emergencies.

Besides that “personal emergencies” are quite mysterious, they also do not work that well. Your employer can interpret such from lassitude up to beauty appointments.

5. Lunch Date with a Client.

This tactic works if you are needed to meet with the prospective clients. Establish an easygoing relationship with your client while showing them your professional side.  Take note, you have to actually meet with the clients.


4. Take Home Work.

This is a priceless way of combining work with rest. Try to ask your boss if you could just take the papers home. You would be at home in your pajamas doing work.

3. Dysmenorrhea.

Before divulging that you have cramps, take into mind the question “Who would be brave enough to argue with it?” This excuse is so deceiving. It makes fools out of smart yet clueless businessmen. It turns heartless female bosses into caring mothers. Be reminded though that MEN don’t have cramps, this is excuse is exclusive to women alone.

2. Doctor’s Appointment.

Schedule your check-ups or sessions in the morning or late in the day. Doing this can be an excuse for leaving the office early and help you recharge yourself.

1. I Deserve The Break.

Work hard and play hard. Work as professionally as possible -be on time, stay late for a project or deal, stick with the deadline. After that, give yourself a break and ask for a day off. Think of it as your reward for doing a good job.


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