Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

To look different is one of the most primary concerns of many people today. Especially for women, being unique and different is a thing. That is the reason why spending a good fortune on clothes is no doubt have been apparent in the recent times. In actuality, people spend too much time not only to choosing clothes on a daily basis but people also spend a huge sum of money in buying designer clothes to look different and fashionable.

As the time passes by, there are a lot of clothing companies that really lead the industry due to the apparent buyers since then. Although patronizing these products really costs a great fortune, but because of their quality and stylish features, these brands are being well supported and patronized by many today. Following the list is the top 10 most expensive clothing brands today in the market:


Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

  1. Valentino

Valentino has been popular ever since in the fashion industry due to the designs of every piece they made. In actuality, the brand specializes on evening and formal wear range. Many women around the globe falls in love with their products especially those whom are in the rich class of families. These women are usually apparent guests of different luxurious and classy night parties.


  1. Versace

Originally focuses on the clothing line, this Italian brand has made its way to the top 10 list. Versace produces different clothing apparels for both men and women. It became highly popular in the recent times due to the vast range of fashion wear they offer the market.

Today, Versace expanded its lines from clothing alone to different accessories, make ups, and designer furniture.


  1. Guess

Guess is an American brand that mainly became popular for its denim jeans. The target market of Guess are usually adult men and women but today it also reaches a lot of young adults whom are undeniably fashion and denim lovers.


  1. Dior

Due to sophistication, glamour, elegance, and modernization, Dior became one of the top and leading brands today in the fashion industry. In addition, having Dior products today has become a basis for status symbol. Moreover, what really allowed Dior to reached its highest state is because of its expansion of products to perfumes, bags, glasses, and other accessories.


  1. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has a unique strategy of selling their products. From exclusive sales and seasonal collections, these features are what made Marc Jacobs separate above from all the rest. Although the brand focuses now on jewelries, handbags, and shoes – Marc Jacobs has been well known for its designer clothes.


  1. Armani

Apparently, Armani is the only brand that has been selling all over the globe since then. Similarly to Marc Jacobs, they are offering as well seasonal collections that made them more popular. That is the reason why a lot of designers and boutique owners recommend Armani to different fashion lovers.


  1. Dolce and Gabbana

The most expensive brand in 2013 is Dolce and Gabbana which is also called as D&G. It is an Italian brand that apparently leads the industry since then. What made them to the top is that the texture and print of their clothing is quite unique and  the quality is really great that a lot are really patronizing.

Undeniably, D&G is one of the most popular brands and names for many women today.


  1. Prada

Prada is one of the most popular and prominent in the fashion industry. Due to its accessibility and numerous outlets around the world, Prada became more catchy and desirable in the market. In actuality, the brand is one of the well known Italian brands today. Although the brand in the recent times has been more prominent in the line of bags and shoes, their clothing products and lines are the main contributors to their overall success.


  1. Chanel

In the high end class of lifestyle, Chanel is considered to be the most in demand brand today. What made them to be in demand is that they releases their own trends allowing them to be exquisite and exclusive. In addition, Chanel has become the most popular brand in the fashion world.


  1. Gucci

The most expensive and classy brand today is Gucci to its overall quality and styles. There is no doubt to this due to the fact that a lot are really patronizing their products not only by the high class but also people from middle classes are really spending a fortune just to obtain their stylish and unique products. Although there are a lot of rivals in the industry, Gucci has always defended its place.


To sum it all up, all of these brands are actually great and stylish. Although they have all of their own strategies and uniqueness when it comes to presenting their brands, what made them all similar to each other is that these brands are all expensive. Moreover, the cost goes hand in hand with the quality and styles.


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