Top 10 Facebook Apps

Top 10 Facebook Apps

There should be no doubt in too many peoples’ minds that Facebook is arguably the most addictive site that young people visit. It is the site where people spend a huge chunk of their online time. This prompted various companies to release apps that could be integrated into Facebook so that a larger number of people could have access to their products. In other words, those companies made use of social media advertising.

Below is a list of the most popular apps of the past year. These apps include games and Facebook versions of different utilities.

10. SchoolFeed

This app lets users of Facebook make a publicly searchable profile that is optimized for education related queries. This makes it easy for long lost classmates to find each other. Once a SchoolFeed profile is made, the user can start receiving its notifications within Facebook, even if the app is not running.

9. Bing

In September 2012, the Microsoft-owned Bing search engine released its Facebook-compatible app and within a few weeks, it climbed up to become one of the most popular Facebook apps. This app mainly makes user aware of the news from around the world, while the search engine is accessed at

8. Candy Crush Saga

This is a simple yet addictive game, thus making an appearance on this list. The main objective is to get three of the same coloured candies in a row to earn points until such time as no more candies remain. There are various power ups, or ingredients, to help you through the 115 levels of this game.

7. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service provider and has a user base of 20 million as of December 2012, however only in the United States and a few European countries. A user can use the Facebook integration of Spotify to sign up to the site using his Facebook profile.

6. I want to add your birthday

This is basically a spam app but was only popular on Facebook because of innocent and naïve users signing up for it and inviting all of their friends. Once a user signs up in this app, all the profile information is pulled and it is then sold to advertising agencies to send spam to that user.

5. Microsoft

The IT giant released its Facebook-compatible app in October 2012, a few days after the release of its new operating system Windows 8. The Facebook app allows users to access calendar events and notifications.

Texas Poker

4. Texas HoldEm Poker

Poker is indeed one of the most addictive games as far as gambling is concerned. However, the Facebook app released by Zynga has over 35 million users. People spend hours on end playing hand after hand on this app. The level up system of this game makes it all the more addictive.

3. TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor app allows users to add a “Cities I have Visited” tab and lets them show it off to their entire friends list. Furthermore, you can use this Facebook app to search for hotels and other information before making a trip.


2. FarmVille 2

The sequel to the hugely successful Facebook game has once again made it near the top of the Facebook apps charts. This game simulates the conditions of a real farm and cooperation with friends is rewarded as well.

1. Instagram

This is a photo-sharing service that can also apply minor digital effects to the photos. The Facebook integrated version of Instagram lets to directly upload photos to Facebook after posting it on Instagram. This app is so popular, even some celebrities have their own accounts on it.


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