Top 10 Famous Personalities You May Not Know Are Atheists

Top 10 Famous Personalities You May Not Know Are Atheists

1. Salman Rushdie

The famous or infamous (in some particular countries) writer of controversial Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie was quoted saying in an interview that he never felt the need to have God in his life. Also, he confessed that during his teenage, he ate a ham sandwich and wasted time waiting for some punishment from the Almighty.

2. George Clooney

The handsome heartthrob of million girls and women has strongly shared his viewpoint about religion in an interview where he said that he did not believe in Heaven and Hell, neither in God; and he would not allow his life, the only thing he had, to be wasted in religion. Though he is brought up in a Catholic environment, later his words showcased a tone of being agnostic and sometimes atheist.

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3. Brad Pitt

You might have seen this man portraying a role of a traveler who helped the young Dalai Lama in understanding life and religion in the film Seven Years in Tibet; but in his real life, Brad Pitt declares himself to be an atheist.In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, this successful movie star said that though he had grown up very religious, he did not share a great equation with religion. He went even further and said that his religious view is 20% atheism and 80% agnosticism.

4. Daniel Radcliffe

Can you imagine that the magic boy Harry Potter, in his real life, does not believe in religion? Yes, the famous young star Daniel Radcliffe claims himself to be an atheist who is not religious. In fact, he proudly said that he can turn into a militant atheist if religion attacks legislation any day.

5. Benjamin Franklin

The famous historical figure and the man behind the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin considered Christianity as not intelligible. Stating that believe in an era where religion used play an omnipotent role in society is definitely a bold choice. Scholars who have studied Franklin’s works also supported the fact that this man of intelligence had no belief in theology.

6. Senior Barack Obama

The proud father of the first black President of the United States of America was told to be an atheist who was born a Muslim. Mr. President has supported this saying stated that for Barack Obama Senior religion is nothing but superstition.

7. Bruce Lee

This legendary figure used to oppose the so called dogmas of religions which he thought was an organized way of manipulating others’ thoughts in a single direction. He did not support the way religion teaches human beings how to think, how to act or how to live life.
8. Bill Gates

This IT marvel said he is agnostic as religion consumes a huge amount of time which could be utilized to solve real problems on earth.

9. Lance Armstrong

This much debated cyclist who is currently facing hard times is also a non-believer in God.

10. Napoleon Bonaparte

This superhero from our history book was a great warrior as well as a great thinker. His pragmatic and atheist viewpoint was confirmed by a statement where he said that religion is a men-made thing.



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