Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Colors

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Colors

10. Women can see more colors than men: Especially when it comes to red, women tend to see maroon, cardinal and crimson and for men, it is just red. The red color seeing gene is located on the X chromosome, and hence women have two X chromosomes and men have just one, it does make sense that women can see a high spectrum of red.

9. Pink helps you calm your nerves: Pink color has more great features than just decorating a Barbie home or making a dress for your princess. Mental hospitals and prisoners are painted pink form inside to keep the patients and prisoners under control of their emotions.

Top 10 amazing Facts about Colors

8. Bright colors: Bright color attracts more people than usual dark colors. May be it’s time to change your wardrobe if you want to make a better impression of yourself. Who knows when the magic works?

7. Silver color can save you from road accidents: When buying a new car, it is worth considering that silver car is more prominent on the road and is more visible in low light; hence the chances of getting into an accident are low. It will save you on insurance too.

6. Chromophobia: Chromophobia is fear of color. People having this disorder react strongly to colors and some avoid colors altogether. The symptoms of this disorder include dizziness, nausea, and headache, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, and panic.

5. Yellow color stimulates your hunger: Have you ever heard that one should not color their kitchen yellow or orange? It is because of the fact that these colors act as a stimulator to your hunger. Well, no wonder why the restaurants are mostly filled with such colors.

4. Blue is the most preferred color: When asked about their favorite color, it is estimated that around forty percent of the population worldwide will go for blue. Blue color is a sign of loyalty, I wonder if forty present of the people in the world is loyal? I guess changing your favorite color may not change the loyalty factor in you.

Top 10 Facts about Colors

3. Color wheels: An illustration of color hues around a circle that shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary color, complementary colors etc. Since the invention of the color wheel by Isaac Newton, this wheel is associated with musical notes and planetary symbols too. It is considered very important in some careers like graphic designing and interior designing.

2. It is all in your head: Colors don’t exist but are imaginary. The genetic makeup of a person allows him to identify different colors. The color you see may be a different color for someone else; ending up in an argument will be pointless since you can’t prove to each other.

1. Black color: Although every color represents something, black is considered as a color of power and submission.  And it also makes people look thinner. No doubt the fashion industry uses a lot of black color.


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