Top 10 Great Gifts for Kids under 50 Dollars

Top 10 Great Gifts for Kids under 50 Dollars

One of the hardest people to give gifts to are children. If you visit malls today, you will see that stuff for kids is unreasonably inexpensive. Simple toys cost up to 100 dollars! Thus, here is a list of gifts that you can give little boys and girls that are both useful and under 50 dollars.

(10) Cloth Puppet Theater

Every kid loves a puppet show. However, setting up a puppet theater at home requires a lot of effort. So purchase a cloth puppet theater you can easily set up in a door complete with 5 different characters for only $40.

(9) Doodle Books

One of the many talents kids want to develop these days is to draw. Help them progress at their art skill by giving them the Drawing for Dudes doodle books for only $10 each.

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(8) Spin Sitty

Children love carnival rides. Give them a similar experience by presenting them with Radio Flyer’s spinning saucer. It has 360 spinning wheels complete with lights and sounds. All these for only $30. Kids will have endless fun with this toy.

(7) Reel Them in Fishing Toy

Kids love to play fishing. Aside from being such a fun toy, this will also improve their motor skills and hand and eye coordination. You can purchase this from the Land of Nod for only $25.

(6) Runway Barbie

Every little girl plays fashion designer once in a while. There are lots of fashion dolls out there but nothing beats Barbie. For only $20 from amazon.com, you can get one Barbie doll with a set for fashion designing which includes 4 dresses, fabric markers, stickers and stencils.

(5) Inflatable Space Shuttle

This is a really fun bath tub or outdoor pool toy for the kids. Let them imagine being in the sea, sky or space with an inflatable boat-plane-space shuttle. This is perfect for your little astronauts.

(4) Rainbow Shelf

Regular book shelves are just too main stream. Get your little book worm a rainbow shelf where she can organize her books with clouds to hold the books in place. This is available at Etsy for only $40.

(3) Handy Mechanic’s Toy

Does your little one love playing with cars? Then bring out the car expert in them with this car mechanic toy. Aside from the toy car and tools, it also sings letters and numbers perfect for toddlers.

(2) Shape Shifter Toy

Children love blocks. Most likely, they already have blocks at home so give them something a little bit more challenging and interesting. They can use these blocks to sculpture and balance different shapes – a great way to enhance their creativity for only $35 at Moolka.

(1) iTikes Explorer

This is probably the best buy out of these 10 gifts. For only $50, you can get this iTikes explorer to teach your kids about different parts of the world. There are fun facts, pictures and videos. Simply use an iPad or iPhone to go over the map and enjoy the learning fun.


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