Top 10 Healthy Study Techniques to Follow

Top 10 Healthy Study Techniques to Follow

Most people consider education as one of the important things an individual needs to have in order to secure a greener pasteur in life. While education especially for some individuals born with a golden spoon is not important as compared to those unfortunate ones, we can’t deny the fact that knowledge in a certain field is needed to achieve a sense of satisfaction and success in life. So how do we secure flying colors in school? Here are the top 10 healthy study techniques to follow in order to achieve good school credentials that is very important when applying for a job and to prove most CEO’s that you are worth the pay.

Top 10 Healthy Study Techniques to Follow

An Ample Time is Always the Best Technique

Although some claimed that undergoing the “cramming” style is suitable for them before taking any examination, giving yourself enough or ample time to study is still the best technique anyone should do. Why? Having enough time studying while at the same time ensuring that your mind is worry free and relaxed increases the possibility of absorbing your lessons and understanding everything you need to learn.

Time Management

Aside from giving yourself enough time to prepare for any examinations or school quizzes, it is highly commendable to manage your time accordingly. You can create your own time table and allot the hours needed for each of your subject. Managing your time eliminates cramming and promotes ease and comfort in studying, this is another technique that will help most students gain positive results.

 Set a Good Study Environment

There are some who wants to study in a library while others want to study in their room. Depending on your mood, you should set your study environment according to your taste. At home, you can organize your things and make it neat and tidy as possible so you are encouraged to study with such a tidy environment. You wouldn’t want to study in a messy place right? So whatever kind of environment you seek, make sure to set it up to motivate you to study well.

Make Use of Flow Charts

To make studying more understandable and easy, you can make use of flow charts to help you better analyze things. Flow charts are useful if you want to understand your lesson in a simple way. Avoid long explanations and just understand the main keywords on your flow chart.

Keep your Old Notes

Aside from flow charts, you can also make use of your old study notes. You may be surprise but sometimes you will find your old notes more useful and reliable. So make sure that when studying, you have back up notes such as the old ones to help you understand your lessons.

Have a Break or Have Something to Eat

Preparing for an examination or studying lessons especially those that are difficult to comprehend may take you more than just minutes to finish. In this case, you may need to take a break after an hour of studying. Sometimes, your mind doesn’t function properly and you will easily lose focus. So it is recommended to take short breaks in between your study hours and grab something to eat to energize yourself.

Group Study can Help

Studying alone is great however studying together with friends is even better. It is said that two heads are better than one and that is the same when studying. There are some information that you do not know of while your friends may have known it, thus it is helpful if to join a group study. The one who has a lot of knowledge on the topic can share everything she knows and vice versa.

Set a Target Goal

Sometimes setting your own target goal is helpful and in terms of studying, having your own target motivates you to strive hard in order to meet such goal. This is one good technique to help you excel in your class.

Set a Sense of Competition

When it comes to competition all of us wants to win right? Therefore, if you set a sense of competition in terms of your studies then the end result should be a winning result. For example, challenge one of your friends if whoever got the highest mark on a certain subject will win something. The competition motivates you to win the challenge and so you will end up studying well. This is one good technique to condition your mind and study effectively.

Have Enough Rest

Having enough rest makes your mind and body more conditioned to study. Therefore, a good rest is needed every day to ensure that your brain functions properly. If you are sleepy most of the time, chances are you will find it hard to learn new things and you will surely feel lazy working on new lessons.

Strive Now and Enjoy Later!

Striving in school to attain good marks is a good thing to do. Having impressive school credentials will help you secure your future, secure a good job, secure your needs someday and secure your life. So while you are in school, make sure to strive and I can guarantee you will enjoy the years to come after graduation. Success is sweeter as they say when you’ve worked hard for it.


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