Top 10 Heart Warming Dog Movies

Top 10 Heart Warming Dog Movies

They say dogs are man’s best friend and we have indeed heard a lot of stories of how some dogs helped some humans survived from unfortunate events. It seems that some of the stories we saw in the movies are true or are sometimes based on a true to life events. This is why there are a lot of movies about dogs are filmed locally as well as internationally. Let’s discover the top 10 heart warming dog movies that made a lot of us cry and inspired other people to have a dog of their own.

Top 10 Heart Warming Dog Movies

Hachi – A Dogs Story

This is the best dog movie that anyone could ever watch. This is based from the real story of a man and his unexpected pet named Hachicko. This movie is loved by millions for it displays the relationship between a man and his dog which is based from love and loyalty that even after his master died, the dog waited for his master in the train station for the rest of his life. This only shows that dogs who are taken cared by their master with love and care will also give back the same amount of love, an unconditional one that sometimes no human can give.

Eight Below

Another film based on a true story of a pack of dogs trained as sled guides who were all left behind in a place where weather, storm and snows are unimaginable. These dogs watched over each other, showed some survival skills that will touch the heart of everyone. This pack of dogs waited for their master and will stop at nothing until they are united with him.

Marley & Me

Who could forget the Marley & Me movie? This movie touches the heart of all dog owners especially those that are having family issues. Sometimes, dogs are the bond that keeps the family together. This movie is one of the bests mainly because it shows how a couple who started their journey into being a family because of their Labrador named Marley.

Iron Will

Iron Will is a movie that showcases the determination of one guy to save his family from financial ruins and end up joining a dogsled race that comes with a big prize of $10,000. In this story you will come to appreciate how smart dogs are and how determined are they just like humans. An adventure and heart warming movie that will swell your heart.

Greyfriars Bobby

This movie was based from a true story where a dog was adopted by the people of Edinburgh. Bobby is a Scottish terrier that is left with no home when his master died. Now, he sleeps in his masters’ grave every night until the people of Edinburgh feels sorry for him and adopted him. A lovely story that will make you cry!

Lassie Come Home

Considered as a hero dog, Lassie never fails to touch anyone’s heart. This is a timeless and classic movie that will show how far a dog will go to protect her love ones. Lassie had undergone a lot of things in this film just to find her way back home.

White Fang

This movie will also touch your heart as it presents to you the adventure of Jack Conroy and his best friend/buddy! In this movie you will come to appreciate the phrase “Man’s Best Friend”. Here Jack Conroy and his dog helped each other and depended on each other to survive.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Although this dog film is an adventure, it will still touch your heart and later on appreciate the life of a dog. In this film, three dogs battle to survive in the wild namely Chance, Shadow and Sassy. They then strive their way to go back home to be reunited with their masters.


Beethoven, a stubborn yet sometimes a dependable dog became part of a family and loved by the kids. Unfortunately, the kid’s dad is not as fascinated as the kids but when time came that Beethoven was in trouble, the family united to look for Beethoven and save him. Here you will see how a dog can change an entire family, improve the bond and relationship.

Old Yeller

This is a story about a stray dog that made its way into the heart of a boy and then became best friends. Although this story is predictable, where a boy falls in love with his pet dog and struggles to stay together despite the odds, this film never fails to warmth the heart of the audience. A tale about a boy and a stray dog that will melt your heart.

What is your Favourite Dog Movie?

There are a lot of dog movies in Hollywood that will really capture the audience’s hearts. Whether it is based from a true story, fictional or not, there’s only one thing we can all agree about, that dogs are beautiful creatures that have unconditional love and loyalty for their masters.


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