Top 10 Horror Songs That Would Instill a Chill Run Down The veins

Top 10 Horror Songs That Would Instill a Chill Run Down The veins

If one likes the chill that runs down the backbone while listening to creepy horror songs, then they should hear to these ten songs listed below. One good thing about a horror song is that it may be a bit weird and frightening, sometimes disturbing, but it will never bore the listener. Love songs, happy songs, family themes songs focus only on the one side of life or society but horror shows that flip side which is either forgotten or people don’t want to be in touch with. Top ten horror songs are:

10. A little piece of heaven

In every relationship sometimes one does want to kill his partner due to anger, jealousy, pain etc but no one does it literally. But in ‘A little piece of heaven’, the boyfriend really kills her girlfriend when she laughs on getting a proposal from him but after realizing that he loves her too much to let her go away he keeps the corpse and resorts to necrophilia.

9. Eminem 3 A.M

American rapper Eminem is famous for using strong lyrics and choosing raw themes for his songs. The protagonist of 3 am is a psychopath serial killer who somehow runs away from an asylum and kills the unfortunate persons who crosses the characters’ way.

8. Gumnam hai koi

Bollywood songs are not just about lovers running around trees and singing out romantic numbers. This track from the movie Gumnam is sung by famous Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar.

7. Dance with the devil

Dance with the devil is a very good rap song by the immortal technique. This is about a man who becomes a criminal not because of necessity but as per his choice.

6. Bring your daughter for the slaughter

This horror master piece is from Iron maiden’s first full album “No prayer for the Dying”. In fact the piquant lyrics are way too intriguing for any typical and conventional music lover. In legendary horror movie series ‘”A nightmare on Elm street”, the exquisite song was aptly chosen for its fifth part.

5. Welcome to my Nightmare

Alice cooper was way ahead of his times. His style of singing was very different from other singers and welcome to my nightmare was from his eighth studio album released in 1975.

4. Inside the fire

American heavy metal band “Disturbed” truly puts a lot of heart in making this song. The song is based on the band’s singer’s real life incident where his girlfriend commits suicide. According to him that was a very horrific and painful incident of his life.

3. Stan

Eminem made this song about Stanley “Stan” Mitchell (fictional character) who is an insane and claimed-to-be-his-greatest fan, thus causing trouble for Eminem.

2. Daddy by korn

Daddy deals with a very sensitive issue of child molestation. Band’s lead singer got his inspiration for a friend who was molested by his father. By listening to this song the listener can truly feel the fright and disgust of the molested victim.

1. Thriller

Thriller is a classical Michael Jackson’s horror themed song. Everything about this song is perfect. Michael’s music and lyrics are done so perfectly that people both loved it and got duly frightened by thriller. It is the highest selling album till date.


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