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Top 10 Ideas On How To Play With Wooden Building Blocks

Top 10 Ideas On How To Play With Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are not only just for kids because there are actually several ideas on how middle school students can have fun playing with them. Here are the top ten ideas that you should consider trying out when it comes to playing with wooden building blocks.

10. Build a tower:

Try to build a tower that is high and narrow. You can then count the blocks that you used in building your tower and try to compare it to the world record of building a tower with wooden building blocks so as to see how close you came.

9. Build a castle:

Try building a castle that you will later on decorate with creatively made paper pennants that are probably glued to toothpicks. Use magazines to make knights and ladies. You can finally add your picture to make yourself the ruler of a minute realm.

Wooden Building Blocks

8. Build a maze for your pet hamster:

You can as well build a maze and time how long he takes to get through. In fact, it will help a great deal if he is angry and you are using some food at the end to help him get the idea. Try to add turns in the successful runs in order to see whether he improves speed or not.

7. Stacking them together:

Think of going for various sizes of wooden building blocks and stacking them together to the smallest space possible. You will realize that as you improve in your tries you’ll start getting the fun of feeling victorious.

6. Sketch miniature bowling lanes:

By outlining small lanes of bowling, you can get busy with your friends in playing some game. Make rules such as deducting points when anyone hits the lanes and making the lanes long enough for it to be more challenging. Here you can use caps and marbles for pins and bowling balls successfully.

5. Build a spiral staircase:

Although being able to achieve this might be a bit challenging because you might require lots of wooden building blocks it’s amazing fun.

4. Build an arch:

Consider building an arch using the wooden blocks only. You can use an encyclopedia or the internet to get ideas for arches. You can use a cardboard to make a keystone shape if your arch doesn’t have one at the top.

3. Build a “domino city”:

Once you have built the domino you can run other dominos around and it. Set up a small bell similar to the Christmas bells at the end tied to a ribbon. Remember, you should make the domino you build special from the others.

2. Surprise your mom:

Think about balancing a glass of water on a stack of wooden building blocks when setting up the table for your mom. You can explain your actions solemnly by claiming that you didn’t find a stemware and so you had to come up with an idea. You can imagine that smile that will light up on mom’s face.

1. Building a “house “on top of a sleepy dog:

If you have a sleepy dog you can build a small house on top of him while he’s sleeping by using the wooden blocks. You can use cardboard strips to make a roof on top of the dog. You should be close to laugh your heart out when he wakes up.

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