Top 10 Infamous Researches on Psychology Leading to Disasters

Top 10 Infamous Researches on Psychology Leading to Disasters

Here we will tell you about 10 such researches psychologists have done which went so terrifyingly wrong that you will spellbound and shocked.

1. Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment

Stanford saw an experiment where a psychologist researcher, Philip Zimbardo, put two groups of college students (male) in a mock prison and asked the groups to act like prisoners and prison-guards to study human behavior in following social rules and duties. It went wrong when the students became sadistic or submissive as per their individual roles.

2. Mental Development Therapy Study in Iowa

Here the researcher, Wendell Johnson, performed this therapy experiment on 22 mentally healthy orphans by dividing them to 2 groups. While one group was appreciated for their good progress, another group was purposefully rebuked and sometimes beaten up for any simple reasons. As a result of this 6 month long therapy, the 2nd group showed permanent mental problems.

3. The Unabomber

One of the many immoral practices of the CIA, this one is really notorious. Due to their LSD experimentation on Theodore Kaczynski, the guy lost his mental stability forever.

Infamous Researches on Psychology

4. LSD on Tusker

An elephant from the Lincoln Park Zoo was given LSD which was 3000 times of what normal human consumes. Though it was to see the aggressiveness shot by the dose, but it ran into a PR disaster when the tusker collapsed with revulsion immediately.

5. The infamous Milgram Experiment

To justify the Holocaust activities as mere natural instinct of obeying higher authority, Stanley Milgram included normal people and asked them to shock another person. The result, most of the normal participants were thoroughly disturbed mentally, some physically too.

6. Experiment on schizophrenics

A Californian university made a lot of schizophrenia patients who were under regular medication stop the treatment immediately to find out better ways of treating this psychosis disease. But, as a result, 90% of the patients collapsed, some experienced horror and one of them jumped to death.

7. Well of Despair

Harry Harlow encaged a number of monkeys in a way that each of the animals was totally isolated from the world. As a result of this social isolation, the monkeys grew insanity; some of them starved themselves to death. This ignited the animal rights activists to take strong step against such brutalities.

8. The Third Wave

Nazism or fascism if brought into classroom can lead to serious imbalance among students. Here in a high school, a particular number of students were asked to act as privileged ones. That created the real seed of hatred and supremacy among students.

9. Fight homosexuality with fear

In this astonishing experiment, homosexuals were severely tortured and shocked to create an aversion towards their orientation choice. That led to participants’ severe psychological damage, even a man died after going into coma.

10. Gender Change

David Reimer was a young boy who lost his penis when he was a toddler. He was then sex changed into a girl, though he used to behave as a boy. When he was 14 he came to know about this experiment. Later on he committed suicide when he was 38.

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