Top 10 Influential Insights about Praise and Worship

Top 10 Influential Insights about Praise and Worship

The destinies of church goers and God’s work rests on shoulders of Praise and Worship leaders from across the world. Therefore, worship should be done is such a manner that a soul that needs redemption gets it or the will of God doesn’t miss the opportunity to manifest itself in a worship meeting. Worship has to be done in a special way or differently in order for this to happen. These are the top ten reasons why worship has to be done in a special way for it to impact of the believers’ lives.

10. Praise and worship daily:

Man wasn’t created to worship only on Sundays! Most people fail getting that divine encounter in church on Sundays because they don’t practice the will of God on a daily basis in their homes. Nurture the good relationship with God on a daily basis.

Praise and Worship

9. Connecting with God:

For you to be able to connect with your creator, you have to make sure that you build an everlasting vertical relationship with God. Allow him to be the controller of your life in your day to day endeavors.

8. Singing to God:

There are millions of praise and worship songs in different dialects that you can sing to praise and glorify your creator. However, you have to have a special relationship with God in order to experience the presence of God through songs.

7. Sacrifice of praise:

You ought to make a sacrifice when it comes to praising God. Never in your Christian life should you feel like “it’s not the right time to praise Him”. Praise Him in all manner of ways through your day to day actions and ways of life.

6. Associated with God:

Your ways of life should always show that you have a connection and an everlasting association with God. According to the Holy Bible, you are supposed to minister even to non-believers through your ways of life. Basically you are God’s associate on earth.

5. Surrender you life to God:

God knows all your abilities and is very willing to utilize them towards spreading His word. You really don’t have to be talented exceptionally to do something for Him but simply surrender your life; allow him to use you.

4. Getting an anointment:

Don’t dwell on showing others how talented you are but instead seek for the wisdom and anointment from God in order to experience the presence of God in your life. Besides the talent to sing or preach very eloquently and coherently, you should seek for His anointing.

3. Open the heavens:

Opening the heavens for everybody is your key role. That is actually why people gather to encounter God under your leadership.

2. Experiencing God:

Sing songs that make you experience the presence of God and not just because a song is a hit. Sing God inspired songs, read God inspired materials and watch God inspired movies or videos so as experience God.

1. Miracles, signs and wonders:

Worship creates an atmosphere for these invisible powers to manifest. Therefore, if you don’t worship fervently and pray faithfully you’ll never realize them.


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