Top 10 iPhone Games

Top 10 iPhone Games

The iPhone is a popular Smartphone for quite a few reasons. It has an impeccable design and the horsepower that is packed under its hood is also quite impressive and is capable of competing with the best of the best smartphones. The latest edition is the iPhone 5. If you are looking for iOS games, which can be played on the iPhone or the iPad, then diving head-first into the App Store is probably a bad idea because most of the games are of no good and it is hard to filter out the good ones. This list will help you select the best and the most popular games for the iOS platform.

10. Temple Run 2

If you think that the games that become really popular and that get a lot of mainstream coverage are usually no good, then you are probably right, this is not the case however with Temple Run 2. Once you try it, you will find it quite hard to stop. This is the only bad thing about this game.

9. Super Hexagon

It is a perfect game to brush up on your hand-eye coordination. Shapes will fly to the center of the screen and your job is to dodge them. It sounds easier than it is. You will die in a few seconds.

8. Plants vs. Zombies

This cartoon game was a huge success on other platforms and thanks to touch screens, it has become a blockbuster on Smartphones as well, especially the iPhone.

7. Need for Speed Most Wanted

The most famous name in street racing games has done it again on yet another operating system. Play the iOS version of Need for Speed to kill a couple of hours.

6. Letterpress

Word-based games are normally quite polite. For example, you just shake your opponent’s hands after losing to them in a game of Scrabble. Things are different in Letterpress. You’ll know when you play it.

5. Infinity Blade

This is a game based on the medieval times with no shortage of ogres and demonic knights.

4. Horn

You cannot get a ‘triple A’ console title on your iPhone but Horn is probably the next best thing. You could get away with calling it the iPhone’s Legend of Zelda, except there is no character named Zelda.

Top 10 iPhone Games Horn

3. Hero Academy

This is a turn-based multiplayer game which is played on a grid. Come up with your best strategy to defeat your opponent.

Top 10 ios Game

2. Bad Hotel

The objective is to build a hotel as tall as possible. The main thing here is the timing. The better your timing is, the more stable will be your tower.

1. Angry Birds: Star Wars

You just can’t keep Angry Birds out of any best games list, can you? The latest installment of the Angry Birds franchise, Star Wars, is the number one entry on this list. Sling different birds into the pigs who have stolen the birds’ eggs. Angry Birds has managed to reach the top spot as the best game in all top mobile operating systems.


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