Top 10 Largest Libraries in The World

Top 10 Largest Libraries in The World

Books are the primary source of information from young toddlers in kindergarten to scholars in graduate school. An average person reads volumes of books in his entire life to satisfy his need for information and education. However, with the advent of internet technology, it seems that traditional books become out of date. E-books are slowly replacing traditional books even in school curriculum. Still, computers cannot replace books totally. The fact that millions of people still flock at libraries around the world shows that traditional reading has not completely lost its touch on people. Here are the top ten largest libraries in the world.

10. Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Russian state owns this library. It has 26.5 million items in its collection. It is located in Saint Petersburg onVasilievsky Island. It was established in 1714. It serves the employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences and scholars with high education.

9. National Library of China

Established in 1909, this is the largest library in Asia with 29 million items in its collection. It is in Beijing, China. It receives 5.2 million readers each year.

8. Royal Danish Library

This is the largest library in Northern Europe, the national library of Denmark and the university library of the University of Copenhagen. King Frederick III established it in 1648 and was opened to the public in 1793. It has 30.2 million items in its collection accepting 850,000 visitors each year.

7. Bibilio the quenationale de France

This library is located in Paris, the national library of France. It houses around 31 million items. It has been opened to the public since 1692. It accepts 1.3 million visitors each year.

6. National Diet Library, Japan

Established in 1948, it is the only national library in Japan and serves as the library of the Japanese parliament. It holds around 35.6 million items. It enjoys 654,000 visits each year.

5. National Library of Russia

This is the national library of Russia and is located also in Saint Petersburg and is receiving 1 million visitors each year. It is the first public library and the first national library of Russia. It was established in 1795. It holds 36.5 million items.

4. Russian State Library

This used to be the Lenin State Library of the USSR until in 1992. They changed it to its present name. Russia established it in 1862. It has a collection of 44.4 million items with 1.17 million visits annually.

Largest Libraries

3. New York Public Library

Established in 1895 in New York City, it is a public library system that houses around 53.1 million items. It has a record of 18 million visits per year.

2. British Library

This is United Kingdom’s national library. It used to be a mere department of the British Museum established in 1753. It became a separate institution by law in 1973. It holds a collection reaching 150 million items with historical records that date back to 2000 BC, filling 388 miles of bookshelves. It receives 1.75 million visits each year.

1. Library of Congress, USA

This is the research library of the Congress of the United States established in 1800. Its collection consists of 150 million items, which fills an 838-mile long bookshelves. About 1.75 million people visit it yearly.


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