Top 10 Learning Apps for Toddlers

Top 10 Learning Apps for Toddlers

Smart parenting includes teaching your babies and toddlers, and while you’re at it, why settle for anything less? Any parent would always opt only for the best for their children, learning or otherwise. Now, who knows which type of learning is the best? Of course, the experts know better. Since technology is the “in” thing today, this does not exempt toddler education. The latest wave of online mobile apps that can easily be downloaded, free or paid is a great enhancement to the conventional manner of teaching things to the younger generation. From the wide range of children apps, check out this list of the top learning apps for toddlers.


  1. Toddler Flashcards

The best way to teach your kids how to speak is to show them pictures of objects such as that of foods, animals, letters, or numbers. This free mobile app is the easiest way you can go about so you need not have hard-bound flash materials when you teach them the basics of language. Plus, you can just choose from the 13 languages available so your location is no big deal.


  1. Wheels on the Bus

In case what you have in mind is that classic interactive musical, your line of thinking is on the right track. This is basically based on the children’s book of song where kids can climb up the bus, spin the wheels, open or close the bus doors, and swish the wipers.


  1. Peekaboo Barn

When memory verses are good among your preschoolers, this app would suit your toddlers to a point. A good set of 16 barn animals come with matching sound which you can set for English, Spanish, French, and another 9 languages, will be your teacher as your little ones would name them as the app would flash them out.


  1. Caterpillar’s Dream

Some hands on activity such as coloring, finger painting, and playing back are just some of initial learning you can get your kids engage in. This app is the kind that would keep them busy while you involve them with simple motor skills and get major learning.


  1. Where Is Gumbo?

Gumbo, the lost dog, is the main character in this app. This is a digital book type where your toddler has to work as a little guy in adventure and simple clues will be in place to guide him all throughout the journey. The toddler will simply have to find where Gumbo is hiding. In no time, your kid will be that little detective with this.


  1. Tozzle Lite

Yes, there is also some good puzzle for the toddlers. Entertain your twos and three-year olds by improving their memory and recognition as you have them do this easy puzzle. You have the option to choose from up to 44 puzzle pictures with varied sound effects to match the activity. See the excitement this will make once you have this downloaded.


  1. The Little Red Hen

Instead of you reading a narrative or a bedtime story to your little ones, you can simply have the animated red hen to do the honors for you. The child can simply listen to the app as if you are the one reading it over to them. See this smart innovation working on your favor? You should.


  1. Kidzongs

It is kind of a challenge among parents to keep toddlers focused and interested in one activity. This is the time when they are at their most hyper and this is the stage where they would love to use all fours in climbing, cluttering, and simply just moving about. With this, a simple sing along app such as this will keep them stay put and learned, even for just some few solid minutes.


  1. Bubbles

When you think the ever famous bubbles is not a toddler app, you can think again. Now that you have learned of this, it’s time for you to download the app and start distracting your little bundles from messing around by having the kiddo engaged in some bubbly business. Just as you will find this fun yourself, the little ones will think the same.


  1. Bumblebee Touchbook

Get your kids the fun joy or learning their first words and sentences with this app. The best way for you to teach them the educational basics is to have them entertained. Instead of you forcing learning unto them, might as well have this instead.


Record every milestone and achievement your little wonders do but skip the messy paper works. Simply snoop around the Windows, Android, and Apple apps and download a favorite so you can start an easy and convenient way of saving memories that will be a wonderful treasure sooner or later. You can then have it saved in hard or soft copy, your call! Just as long as you keep the footprints the growth of your children has, you’re on the right track.


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