Top 10 Loudest Noises

Top 10 Loudest Noises

We hear loud noises almost every single day but we are least bothered about just how loud it is, how the loudness would compare with other noises. All we want at that time is peace and quiet and for that noise to just go away. Sound is measured in a unit called decibel (dB). Normal conversation among two people is around about 30 dB and anything above 85 dB can cause hearing loss. Below is a list of the top 10 loudest sounds you are ever likely to hear.

10. Rock Concert/Loudspeaker

The speakers that are attached to your TV or your sound system would be 100 W each at the most. Those at rock concerts are 400,000 W and the sounds reach ear-splitting levels. But then again, the concerts wouldn’t be any fun if the sound wasn’t loud.

9. Fireworks

Top 10 Loudest Noises

Fireworks are blown at quite a height so you would rarely have a chance to hear them up close. But they are very noise; the decibel levels can reach a staggering 145-155. Tests by the manufacturers are carried out under controlled environments to prevent hearing loss.

8. Gunfire

If you have ever been to a shooting range, you may have noticed that the people practicing their aims are required to wear hearing protection. This is because the noise levels of gunshots can reach about the same levels as fireworks.

7. NHRA Dragsters

Sitting next to a dragster could not only damage your hearing power but could also prove to be harmful for your physique. If you do happen to hear a dragster for a long time, you would find it hard to swallow for a while because of the ear damage.

6. Space Shuttle Launch

You are required to stand a minimum of one half mile away from a space shuttle launch because of the 165-170 dB. Unlike most other loud sounds, space shuttle noise remains constant for a while because it needs to produce the necessary thrust for lift-off.

5. Blue Whale

Blue whales emit a sequence of low-frequency sounds that can travel a great distance under water. The purpose of these sounds is for the whale to interact with other blue whales. The blue whale is not only the biggest, but also the loudest animal on the planet.

4. Volcano – Krakatoa

In 1883, the eruption of Krakatoa threw more than 25 cubic kilometers of lava and ash into the air. The sound was so loud that it was heard as far as 1,930 miles away in Perth and 3,000 miles away in Mauritius.

3. 1-Ton TNT Explosive device

If you stand close to a 1-Ton TNT explosion, you will not hear, but feel a sound as loud as 210 dB. You will die not from the explosion itself, but by the vibrations caused be the loud sound.

2. 5 Richter Earthquake

An earthquake powerful enough to destroy entire cities is as loud as 235 dB at the epicenter. If you are anywhere near the epicenter, you would not die from a falling object, but by the vibrations of the loud noise.

1. Tunguska Meteor

The loudest thing ever heard is the sound of the exploding Tunguska Meteor about 4 miles above the surface of the Earth. The decibel levels reached 300-315 and the sound is compared with the explosion of a 1000-Megaton explosive device.


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