Top 10 Manners Your Kid Should Know By Age 6

Top 10 Manners Your Kid Should Know By Age 6

Parents are challenged every day to inculcate values to their children. It is important to instil important values to them as early as age 1-6. These are the 10 manners your child should be practicing by age 6. Let this be a challenge to all you parents out there.

(10) To be Helpful

Your child should always react on situations when a person needs help. They should have their own initiative in doing house chores and fixing their own room.

(9) To sit quietly

How many times have you been distracted or mad because your child just can’t sit still? It is important to tell them to keep still. Otherwise, they might get in to accidents because they move too much.

(8) Not to make fun of people

There are children out there who make fun of people by pointing out their flaws. Worse, they do it in public. It reflects you a lot as a parent if your child does this. Tell your child that insults are hurtful and they don’t want to be insulted as well.

(7) Table Manners

Teach your children how to use cutlery appropriately. Never let them play with their food or talk while their mouths are full.

(6) Knock before entering

Although it is your home, it would be a great training ground for teaching your children. Make sure that even if they are entering your room or their siblings’ room, they should knock first. Put up signs on your doors.

(5) Say “Thank You” and “Please”

This is probably the most basic skill for manners. As soon as they are born, keep on saying those words at home. The best way for them to learn it is for them to hear it from other people.

(4) Ask Before Taking

Children always think that everything they can see is their property. This is a very bad trait and in the long run, it might get your kid in trouble. Teach them how to ask for things they want to use even if they are your stuff.

(3) Say “Excuse me”

The reason why children have a hard time doing this is because they are really impatient. They butt in during conversation; pass in between two people talking and the like. Saying “excuse me” is something that they must do as early as they start talking. Never give what they want or ask for unless they say excuse me.

Manners  for Kids

(2) Say Sorry and Mean It

Kids today unintentionally hurt other people or other kids. When they are asked to say sorry, often times, they do not know what it means. Thus, they end up hurting other people again. Explain to them that saying sorry means not doing a bad act again. It is a promise more than a word.

(1)  Keep Negative Opinions to themselves

Kids are honest. However, they do not know how to screen things they should be saying to things that they shouldn’t. There are times when kids say “you’re fat!” out in public to a friend you just ran into. This causes embarrassment to the three of you. Thus, tell you child that it is not to point out negative opinions all the time.


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