Top 10 Medical Malpractices

Top 10 Medical Malpractices

People look up to doctors because, in sum, what they do is save lives. But the same title that gives them honor is the same title that’ll give them shame with the slightest mistakes. Ironic, because most jobs allow a little screwing up with the promise of a little scolding. A doctor would be lucky to get just that if he took out a healthy lung or left a pair of scissors in a patient’s abdomen. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Medical Malpractices that have been sensationalized due to their unimaginable effects and the astounding lawsuits that went with it.
10. The Wrong Testicle


Benjamin Houghton, an Air Force veteran, realized that his other testicle was smaller than the other. So he went to the doctor and found out that he had cancer and would need to take the cancerous testicle, and so he did. When he woke up, he was devastated when he saw that the testicle that needed to be taken was still there, while the other wasn’t. No matter how hefty $200,000 is, he must have felt that wasn’t still enough payment for the damages left with him.

9. Brain Surgeries Gone Wrong

A malpractice incident is bad, but three brain surgeries gone wrong and in the same hospital is really, really bad. In Rhode Island and in 3 different incidents, the doctor bore a hole in the wrong part of the head and began surgery. The two managed to fix their incompetency, while the other 1 wasn’t so lucky mending his deed, which resulted to a lawsuit worth $20,000.

8. Retractor Found Inside a Man’s Body

Donald church should have been grateful and happy with the doctors of the University of Washington for having taken out his tumor. But he wasn’t, because in its place, they left a retractor. The doctors admitted they must have left it there, but had no idea how. The device was see after going through an x-ray because of chest pain. Doctors were able to remove it, this time, without leaving anything else and Church was paid $100,000.

7. Scissors Found in the Abdomen

After being told that it was okay to be in pain after surgery, a girl named Anne from Lyons, France, believed her doctors. But when she started coughing blood, they started having second thoughts and checked her with a quick x-ray. There they found in her stomach, a pair of scissors.

6. The Wrong Leg

Willie King made headlines back in 1995, when the doctor who handled his operation left him with no legs instead of one. The doctor took off the wrong leg, genuinely believing he was operating in the correct one. Justice was served as King was paid $1.2 million and the doctor lost his license.

5. Screwdrivers for Medical Tools

Arturo Ituralde managed to get $5.6 million for the trouble his doctor caused him. He should have gotten metal poles for his spine, but instead gotten a screwdriver. Apparently, the surgeon misplaced the metal poles which will support Ituralde’s spine, and instead decided to use a screwdriver. After another round of severe back pains, Ituralde went back and a screwdriver which snapped in half was found.

4. Who’s your Daddy?

Finally realizing that her in-vitro worked, a woman from Cormack, NY  was ecstatic to have a baby. Not until when the baby came out did she and her husband realize that the hospital made a mistake because the baby was darker than her.

3. Sex Sessions at the Clinic

Paul Lozano’s depression brought him to then, Dr. Margaret Bean-Bayog of the Harvard Medical School. Instead of being helped, he was made into a BDSM object, forcing him into sadomasochistic sex sessions. The supposed treatment left Lozano a broken man that he eventually committed suicide. His family pressed for charges and managed to rake in $1 million. The doctor lost her license.

2. Illegal Plastic Surgeries

Dr. Reinaldo Silvestre established himself as a plastic surgeon. He had his own clinic, made women boobs and was living the life. Not until a man came to his shop and asked for pecs. Rather than to get some, he gave the man a pair of woman’s breast. The man filed charges and it was discovered that the man wasn’t a licensed doctor. He fled out of the country, but was extradited and was asked to pay $5 million.

1. The Witch Doctor

Dr. Leticia Libman, aside from being a doctor, also practices witchcraft. During a session, she would ask the patients to draw pentagrams and would also get samples of their DNAs for spells. She started having sex with them, asking patients to get nude and practice self-mutilation. After patients were taken off the drugs, each started committing suicides, and lawsuit after lawsuit, the doctor lost her license and must have paid for serious damages.



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