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Top 10 Mobile Browsers to Help You Surf Faster

Top 10 Mobile Browsers to Help You Surf Faster

Mobile browsers play a very important role when it comes to browsing the internet on your phone. Read ahead to know more about it.

10. Opera Mini

This is a great browser that has been optimized for surfing on the mobile. It has much faster browsing speed as it uses compressed downloads. It also includes a feature for zooming-in so that there is clarity in the web pages. It works on Java mobiles and is available for free download.

9. Opera Mobile

This is a paid mobile web browser that can be bought for $24. Unlike the free version which works only on Java phones, this browser works on both Symbian as well as Windows Mobile operating systems. The browser supports multiple tabs so that you can simultaneously view more than one web page. It also supports multiple downloads and a zoom in feature.

8. Skyfire

This web browser can also display web content like Flash and other widgets such as YouTube. Also includes a customizable zoom feature. It is compatible with almost all major operating systems including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

7. Bolt

A great new feature of this web browser is its split screen mode that offers greater convenience while browsing. It also has several widgets that make surfing faster. It supports the Java MIDP 2.0 operating system and is available free.

6. Safari

This web browser is great for touch screen phones and can display websites like YouTube. This browser is compatible only with iPhone however and is provided free with it.

5. Firefox Mobile

This is one of the most advanced mobile browsers. It has a feature for multiple tabs and can be synced to your PC too. It also includes Awesome bar, add-on support and a password manager for added security. The supported Operating Systems are Nokia Maemo and Windows Mobile 6.0.

4. Google Android

Google Android has a great touch screen user interface and can display almost all websites with rich content. It also has a zoom feature. It comes free with Android and is supported on all Google Android phones.

3. Blazer

This is one of the standard mobile browsers and comes with all the essential features of a standard web browser for mobile. The operating system supported by this browser is Palm OS and is provided free with it.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

2. Teashark

This is a fast mobile web browser and supports compressed download. This greatly increases the browsing as well as download speeds. You can also browse more than one web page at the same time with the multiple tab facility offered by this browser. It can be downloaded for free and runs on JAVA MIDP 2.0 operating system.

1. Bitstream’s Thunderhawk

The browser is one of the fastest mobile web browser as it supports compressed downloads. You can also view large web pages clearly with the great zoom-in feature of this browser. It can run on Java, windows Mobile and Symbian S60 operating systems. This browser can be used by paying a nominal for an entire year or you can opt for various packages.

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