Top 10 Most Common Allergies

Top 10 Most Common Allergies

People of all ages, young and old could experience, acquire, or inherit allergies of different types of food, animals, and things. Allergies are an abnormal reaction of the body when a food in digested, the body had contact to a specific thing, or inhaled something in the air. There are many types of allergies but here are the ten most common allergies people have.

10. Peanuts

This is the most popular and common allergen that is present all over the world. Some schools in the United States and Canada prohibited bringing and selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for snacks. Peanuts can be found in cereals, pastries such as cookies and cakes, sauces, and some vegetarian food diets.

9. Cold weather

Cold-induced urticaria, also known as the cold allergy is experienced when a person is exposed to cold weather. The person would have to deal with itchiness, swelling of the skin, hives, and sniffles or sneezing.

8. Shellfish or Crustaceans

Shellfish such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, muscles, oysters and the like are also known as crustaceans. These seafoods can cause an allergic reaction and make a person itchy, nauseous, breathless, and make the face, lips, or throat swell.

7. Drugs or Medicines

The most common drug that people are allergic to is Penicillin. Hospitals and doctors usually do a skin test or at least a background check before prescribing any type of medication to a patient. Thus, it is imperative to consult a doctor before taking any medication.

6. Pollen

Pollen are tiny microscopic powder-like cells of flowering plants that spread in the air almost all year round. Pollen can spread during spring, summer, or autumn depending on the seasonality of the plant. People who are allergic to these cells, when inhaled can cause itchiness of throat, sneezing, congestion of nasal, teary or watery eyes. If exposed in too much pollen one could experience an ear infection or the risk of acquiring or worsening of asthma.

5. Cats and Dogs

The skin cells that animals like cats and dogs shed are called dander. Dander is not only found in hair but in animals’ saliva, too. The best thing about pet lovers who are allergic to cats and/or dos is that there are hypoallergenic pets that can be taken care of. These pets are genetically modified organism (GMO) so as to pet lovers won’t have allergic reactions.

4. Dust-mite

Dust-mites are so tiny you would need a microscope to see it. People are actually allergic to the feces excreted by dust-mites and not the dust-mite itself. Once exposed to dust-mite feces, sneezing, itchiness of the throat and headache is experienced.

Common Allergies

3. Milk

A person who is allergic to milk is also known as lactose intolerant. Once you are allergic to milk this means that you need to shy away from dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and some dishes that has milk or cream as an ingredient.

2. Eggs 

Most dishes and meals have eggs as an ingredient in the recipe. This food is the most common allergen especially to kidsless than 3 years old. However, most children outgrow this allergic reaction and can enjoy foods that contain eggs such as cakes and pastries, pasta, sauces, pies, and the like.

1. Sun

Sunlight is very essential for the body but some people are allergic to it especially if exposed to bright sunlight during spring season and summer season. This happens when skin cells transforms due to the ultraviolet radiation of the sunlight. Symptoms such as rashes, swelling of the skin, itching of the skin and the like may occur.


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