Top 10 Most Popular Video Game Characters

Top 10 Most Popular Video Game Characters

Role-playing games are loved by junkies all over the world. It is like being in an adventure yourself by making decisions, taking actions, and making the character move just like how the player wants it done. Here are the top ten most popular video game characters.

10. Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden. Everybody loves a ninja but Hayabusa takes it to a whole new level. One of the favorite characters of gamers, he is brutal, and showers the scene with blood once he meet enemies. His grace when fighting and his mighty dragon sword are other reasons why he is loved.

9. Bayonetta of Bayonetta. You simply cannot have a game named after you if you are not awesome enough. This witch is one wicked female, using her martial arts expertise in getting rid of demons and angels alike.

8. Dirk the Daring of Dragon’s Lair. It is a basic game yet Dirk’s looks and sword skills made him one of the kids’ favorites. He also gets scared and screams easily which is found adorable by young gamers.

7. Commander Shepard of Mass Effect. Although she is surely no friend of media, due to her random attacks on reporters, she is still the commander who saved a lot of lives, enough to justify her insanity attacks.

6. Donkey Kong of Donkey Kong. Although mistakenly name due to language barriers, Donkey Kong’s skills and overall endearing qualities are definitely no mistake. It captured the heart of the gamers and that is an awful lot to accomplish considering that he is a gorilla that has some confusion about being a donkey.

5. Neku Sakuraba of The World Ends with you. Even though he gave up on life and on people onset of the game, he learned a lot when he joined a team of strangers set to fight with the good side and save the world. This experience taught him lessons about life and love.

4. Marcus Fenix of Gears of War. He may be the toughest character with his low voice, biggest muscles, careless attitude, and mad marine and gun skills, but his bad boy act may melt the heart of female players and make the guy players feel invincible. The story about being kicked out of the marines for leaving while he’s on duty may tar his reputation but it is justified with the reason behind it being to save his own father.

3. Nikko Bellic of Grand Theft Auto V. Bellic allows the player to delve into the gangster life and the criminal hierarchy although none of it was his choice.

Video Game Characters

2. Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. You may have watched the movie but you definitely have to play the game to have first-hand experience of Miss Croft’s awesomeness. Skilled with guns, martial arts, and a big brain, she is definitely one tough woman.

1. Super Mario of Super Mario Brothers. Not to give Luigi an inferiority complex, but Mario is definitely the most loved video character. He is a favorite of each gamer, starting with the young ones to those junkies who had been Mario and determined to rescue the princess once in their lives.


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