Top 10 Most Talented Musicians Of Recent Years

Top 10 Most Talented Musicians Of Recent Years

Music is a huge part of our lives. Good music attracts us and the essence of it, sustain in our minds forever. According to a recent discovery made by a group of American scientists, a song’s appreciation depends on the brain cells’ reaction to the musical notes. The brain cells store the ‘tune’ of a known song and a ‘new’ song can only be appreciated if the latter produces a feel good effect quite ‘similar’ to the ‘last’ appreciated song. Thus, making great music is a big challenge. These days the ‘genre’ of music is changing and with this ‘change’ is emerging, many talented musicians. Some most talented musicians are:

10. Little Mix

This British four member girl band won the 8th season of X-Factor U.K, becoming the first group to win the competition. They eventually released their debut album ‘DNA’ consisting of number 1 single ‘Wings’ and have sold over 2 million records globally. They are currently number 4 in the U.S.

9. Rihanna

The ‘We Found Love’ hit maker and seller of over 100 million records worldwide, is an inevitable name in the music world. With 22 and 6, Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards respectively, she has also achieved 12 number one singles in Billboard Hot 100 list.

8. Katy Perry

This gray-eyed beauty remains the only female artist to have had most number of number 1 hit singles from one album and the only musician to stay in the list of top ten in Billboard Hot 100 for 69 straight weeks. She was declared “Woman of the Year (2012)” by Billboard.

7. Nicki Minaj

Known for her unique accents and rapping skills, this Trinidad born American rapper with her platinum certified debut album “Pink Friday” became a global superstar. She enjoys the credit to have 7 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously.

6. Maroon 5

He is the creator of “moves like jagger” which sold about 10 million Cds all around the world. After that the name of Maroon became a household entity for the millions of fans.

5. Psy

This South-Korean singer-songwriter turned an international superstar with his memorable hit single “Gangnam Style” whose music video crossed 1 billion views on YouTube.

4. Selena Gomez

She is an amazing teen singer who burst into the field of singing with her debut album in the year 2010. Now a day she considered to be one of the most promising upcoming talents in this genre of entertainment.

Talented Musician

3. Justin Beiber

Considered to be one of many strongest celebrities in the world, this teen pop sensation has had 4 number one albums on the Billboard 200 and has sold 15 million albums till date. His cute looks and bad boy image make him a dream-lover among millions of teenage and young adult girls all around the world.

2. Taylor Swift

Be it guitar or piano, singing or song-writing, this gorgeous lady has it all in her. She has won 7 Grammy awards and 11 Billboard Music awards. Her latest singles “We are never ever getting back together” and “I Knew You were trouble” have become global hits.

1. One Direction

The current biggest boy-band on earth, this British pop band came third in the 7th season of X-Factor U.K but went on to conquer the world. They became the first British group to be number 1 with their first album “Up All Night” in the Billboard 200, a success that “The Beatles” even couldn’t cherish. Their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” went to number 1 in 37 nations. Other than having achieved a number 3 ranked, second album “Take Me Home” in the Billboard 200, they have also won 2 Brit Awards, 3 VMAs, 3 Billboard Music Awards and performed at the closing ceremony of London 2012 Olympics.


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