Top 10 Most Terrible Celebrity Suicides in Bollywood

Top 10 Most Terrible Celebrity Suicides in Bollywood

The glitz, glamour and sumptuous lifestyles of Bollywood attract people from outside. But reality tells a different tale where most of the celebrities suffer from loneliness, depression and trauma. The blame goes to their failed relationships, marriages and uncertainty in career. Unable to bear through so much of mental pressure, some celebrities call it quits. Here is a list of top ten suicides or sudden deaths of Bollywood personalities that shook us.

10) Manmohan Desai: The sudden death of famous yesteryear Hindi movie director and producer Mr. Manmohan Desai shook the whole country. He died by falling from the balcony of his apartment in 1994. Some of his blockbuster movies are Amar Akbar Anthony, Desh Premee and Dharam Veer.

9) Guru Dutt: Actor-director Guru Dutt took his life when he was rising high in his career. His marital life with famous singer Geeta Dutt was failing due to his affair with the famous actress Waheeda Rahman. He consumed liquor and sleeping pills to end his life.

Jiah khan

8) Parveen Babi: This beautiful, charming yet lonely veteran Bollywood actress was found dead in her mansion. Earlier she had many failed relationships and was a schizophrenic too. Later, she was suffering from diabetes and died of starving.

7) Silk Smitha: Silk Smitha was a popular south Indian celebrity known for her sex appeal. She committed suicide by hanging to the ceiling fan in her apartment. The reason behind her suicide was the steep decline in her career.

6) Kuljeet Randhawa: She was a supermodel and a popular TV actress. She ended her life by hanging herself to the ceiling fan at her Mumbai house. She left a suicide note where she mentioned that she was unable to handle the pressures of her life.

5) Divya Bharti: Divya Bharti was only 19 when she died. She fell from her fifth floor flat window. It is still a mystery as nobody knows the truth.

4) Viveka Babaji: Viveka Babaji was a popular and gorgeous model. She came to the limelight due to the Kamasutra ad.  However, she called it quits by hanging to the ceiling fan in the year 2010. Like others, she killed herself due to failing in relationships and career.

3) Nafisa Joseph: She was a popular VJ and former Miss India. She committed suicide few weeks before her marriage. The reason behind this extreme step was her fiancé as she discovered that he was already married at that time.

2) Kunal Singh: Kunal Singh, the popular actor of Dil Hi Dil Mein movie fame, hanged himself to death. Some said that due to his tensed relationship with his better half and being unable to see his kids, he chose to end his life.

1) Jiah Khan: The latest and most shocking suicide was Jiah Khan’s news. She was a talented and beautiful actress who made her debut along with Amitabh Bachhan and performed quite well in her other movies. However, she was disturbed in her personal life due to relationship issues. She chose to hang herself to put an end to the troubles.


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