Top 10 Must-Play Game Series

Top 10 Must-Play Game Series

Gamers out there each have their own specific genre that they game more on. The FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG and even the rising MOBA genre have all had its era. And only a few of these renowned titles of our youths have stood the test of time and the evolution of its markets. As gamers grow older, the demand for the complex and the challenging has evolved as well. Here are some series that most gamers may have played. If not, then I suggest playing it.

10. Final Fantasy Series

Perhaps one of the most oldest game series whose mere title makes millions purchase and spend their first set of allowances or pay on upon release. Not many have fared this long like this series. We all remember this series to have taken worldwide renown since Final Fantasy 7. A pretty old school gameplay that many of the younger generation of gamers may not find appealing to their taste. But to others, this was the golden age of RPG.

grand turismo series

grand turismo series

9. Pokemon Series

I would never leave out this series. Yet another series that have made a global impact and one that still carries its addictive factors. The very simple game play of Pokemon is not to be laughed at as millions of adults still continue on following this series. Asian’s and Americans alike constantly still buy the latest game series as it’s PVP system has equally addictive factors like the rising MOBA genre.

8. Call of Duty Series

The Guinness book of world record breaking FPS shooter game of Call of Duty Series has captured the hearts of millions of fans both for its PVP and campaign missions. It would almost seem like a sin to leave this game out. Personally, I play it only for the campaign as I love a good story. And this series has brought that quality story over and over again. I personally liked Black Ops. And it’s no wonder that this game broke the record on Black Ops 2.

7. Diablo Series

To add variety on the game series presented, a third person console should be included on the list. And what better than the Diablo Series? Though I sympathize with many who thinks Diablo 3 wasn’t quite like what we had expected, still the game will be followed by many. Who knows? Maybe if 4 will be out, it will recapture the hearts of the gamers again.

6. Mass Effect Series

A must try series with a unique form of game play. Though its innovative rewards and consequences system have been followed by a number of games, this one still stands the Champion. Creating critically acclaimed results and a very controversial ending, Mass Effect is a series that makes one really in tuned or in synched with his main lead. We all have our favorite Shepred moments.

5. Command and Conquer Series

Yet another age old series that has stood the test of time. Still continuing to develop war games for RTS fans, this game deserves a spot on the top 10. Remember playing Red Alert on a PSone Console?

4. Star Craft Series

This series much like almost every other Blizzard games have made an awesome impact in many of our childhood. Despite of over a decade of waiting, fans still awaited this series. After all, we would all agree that it was definitely StarCraft who ruled the RTS era. If you don’t agree, ask the Koreans.

3. Elder Scrolls

If I could limit the reasons to one on why this game made it to the list, the answer is Skyrim. Almost everyone may know about this game thanks to the publicity it received in the internet. They may not have played it, but its immense gaming world and unending list of quest have made this a series that millions and millions of gamers would follow.

2. Grand Turismo Series

I feel bad if I don’t include a racing stimulation to the list. So here it is, the Grand Turismo series. Although there are mixed emotions on what THE racing game is, I picked this due to its  overall fame compared the others and the amount of sequels that became hits. And we all know Grand Turismo 5.

1. Grand Theft Auto Series

I don’t know about you but I played GTA before it was GTA III. But with a very unique innovations and the drastic change to game play that this series has presented earned its way to the top. Whether it’s Vice City of San Andreas, this game is a sure classic.


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